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Jul 6, 2012 11:49 AM

St. John's NL restaurants & Pricing

We are making our annual visit to St. John's to see the family and are looking for dinner recommendations from our fellow "hounds." As Newfoundland prices have skyrocketed in recent years I tried looking at the menus of some the better restaurants and found that they now omit the prices. So if you could give me a little help I would be most appreciative.

We have been to Bianca's many times and consider it a good value if on the pricey side. Can you tell me if Raymonds and Atlantica are more expensive than Bianca's?

Are there any other spots to consider? Thanks much.

IMHO, the best restaurant in St. John's is India Gate!

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  1. Yes, Raymond's and Atlantica are more expensive (but worth it).

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    1. re: cellophane_star

      Thanks Cell! Have you been to Chinched Bistro?

      1. re: marelyisdead

        No but I wish I had! The menu looks great and they seem to really care about their food. When I was home last time, I enjoyed Bacalao a lot. And Raymond's.

    2. I know this topic is old but if it's not too late I would urge you to try Chinched Bistro. It is one of the most exciting restaurants in St. John's right now (and my personal favorite). Easier on the wallet than many of its inferior neighbors too!

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        Thanks Meghann. We must be on the same page because I have already made reservations for Chinched Bistro for our visit. I think the prices at Raymonds and Atlantica are just off the charts.