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May 18, 2004 01:19 PM

Good Buritto in San Diego

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We just moved to San Diego, North County actually, from
San Francisco. I am having good food withdrawals. While I miss great Asian and Ethiopian food, currently I am craving a great buritto filled with lots of good stuff. One that has high quality flavorful meat, beans, rice, cheese, quacamole and salsa.

I understand, the burritos served at local taquerias are probably more authentic, they are just not what I am look for. I want more than bad meat in a burrito

Can anysone send me in the right direction? I'd be even more thrilled if you knew of such a burrito in North County.

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  1. s
    San Diego de la Veggie

    I might get laughed off Chowhound, but have you tried Chipotle? Lemon/cilantro rice, carnitas with juniper berries, pinto beans spiked with bacon fat, the best guacamole around, and on and on. for a fast-food place, they do okay. Maybe better.

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    1. re: San Diego de la Veggie

      No laughter here. The stuff at Chipotle's is very tasty, and the quality of the ingredients (e.g., Nieman Ranch pork) is enough to place them several notches above the usual run of fast food chain joints. To use a tired phrase, "It's not your father's burrito." Maybe that's why I so seldom eat there. When it comes to burritos or tacos, I want something a little more Mexican -- the kind of stuff you get at the little places where the staff slips out the back door when the migra van gets too close. But hey, that's just me.
      . . jim strain in san diego.

      1. re: Jim Strain

        I didn't know they had Chipotle down here. I had a burrito from them in the Bay Area and thought if was ok but since there were so many great taquerias around, I never went back. Maybe it is time to try them again.


    2. b
      Brian Saunders

      JV Taco Shop on 1112 Morena Avenue. It's not in your neighboorhood; it's east of Sea World, on the east side of I-5. Tap the address into a map program and you'll see how to get there.

      I'm not entirely in love with the place, but they do about as good as anybody in the "genre", IMO, and I think they'll have some burritos you will find more than acceptable. :)

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        1. f

          In North County, try Juanita's (yes a stand) on HWY 101 in Encinitas.

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          1. re: FaithCrawford

            I second that, FaithCrawford. Juanita's is often considered the best by locals, and I have seen it written up in many reputable publications.

            1. re: krisajohnson1

              i will give a third cheer for juanitas. ive been going there since the 80s and its consistantly been great. while standing in line theres always a mix of hispanic familes, surfers, people who just hopped out of thier BMWs. Try the green sauce on the will light you up.

          2. Try Karina's in Encinitas, on Highway 101, just north of Leucadia Bl., on the west side of the road. Good tortas and seafood , too.

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            1. re: EK

              Karina's has delicious ceviche.