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Jul 6, 2012 10:43 AM

Tom Douglas restaurants?

I'm researching my first trip to Seattle, and have ended up with several Tom Douglas restaurants on the list: Etta's, Palace Kitchen, Serious Pie... I'm a little concerned about quality being lost to empire building. Does anybody have opinions as to whether they are as good in real life as they look on paper? Thanks!

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  1. My husband and I were just in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and stopped in at Serious Pie one evening. We thought our pizza was excellent and perfectly cooked. I would note that we took a Savor Seattle Food tour of Pike Place Market the next morning and in talking with others on the tour, at least one couple did not have as good of an experience. Their pizza was burned and tasteless (their words). We did not make it to any of his other restaurants.

    1. I'm a huge TD fan. Our current fave is Cuoco. But love Serious Pie, and Palace Kitchen as well (lavender goat cheese fonduta is bliss). Never been to Etta's, and had an good, not mind-blowing, meal at Dahlia. Apparently his little breakfast sammiches are amazing...but have yet to try. Maybe you can do so for me :)

      1. They're not all equally good - but I'm a huge Palace Kitchen fan. I take all my out-of-town guests there and most ask to return on subsequent visits. (Lola, nearby, is the best restaurant breakfast in the city in my book.)

        Serious Pie is ok - pretty good, even - but isn't worth a wait when the Palace Kitchen is a couple of blocks away.

        1. the problem with a talented chef running multiple - but all unique - establishments is finding competent substitutes for himself. when all the planets line up, a meal at a TD place is as fine as one can desire BUT i have also been served stale, overcooked and otherwise unacceptable food often enough that i seldom use his places any longer - especially as there are so many other kitchens in the same neighborhoods with the creative talent on site every day.

          1. I am also a fan of breakfast at Lola's. I like Dahlia...the menu is pretty simple and done fairly well. Etta's is a fave of one of my friends and is less upscale. I prefer Palace for just drinks.