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Jul 6, 2012 10:24 AM

decent thornhill/richmond hill resto


This Sunday evening, I'll be in the Thornhill/Richmond Hill area with some friends, decked out for a nice dinner and I'm looking for some recommendations.

We'll be coming from a wedding (don't ask), so we'll be attired more formally than usual for a Sunday night, and while we're not looking for a Keg or Alice Fazooli's, we're looking for a price-point a little bit south of Octagon and Terra.

Cuisine is irrelevant since we're all pretty good eaters; just need a cross-genre recommendation!


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  1. Tutto Bene maybe?

    Sunday night is actually Sundaylicious at Terra, prix fixe for $39 is actually pretty good and the price point is likely right for you?

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    1. re: Wil

      Agree with Tutto Bene! But! Are they open on Sunday??!! If not,may be Richmond Grill or Ferrovia??!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        I guess you haven't been invited to the dinner following the wedding. No matter, it happens all the time - to distant acquaintances. (I know the feeling.) The important thing is: where to have a decent, cost-effective dinner after, even though you're sprouting tuxes, morning coats and such. The omnivorous Charles Yu has some good suggestions, though Tutto Bene can rack you up pretty good (meaning the bill is invariably higher than you thought it would be). However, if you're anywhere near Bathurst St. and Rutherford Rd. in Thornhill, you might give the northern outpost of Mi Va Me a whirl. Mighty tasty upper-level Middle East cuisine at bearable prices. Stylish decor, insanely popular, good service. If your group is large. you might try reserving. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait for a table - Sunday is busier than usual - though it never seems to take very long to get seated. In a plaza on the northwest side of Bathurst and Rutherford Rd. They don't care how fancy you're dressed, so long as you can pay the bill. Some quite drinkable wines at $22 a bottle. In my view, Ferrovia is overpriced. Don't know Richmond Grill, though.

        1. re: juno

          Their new bread (more like a naan than a pita) is quite good.

          I like their schwarma plate on hummus, extra crispy!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              As an assist, I grew up at Bathurst and Steeles and my dad still lives there, but I've been living downtown for the last 15 years, which makes me familiar with the usual suspects, but not knowledgeable.

              Me Va Me is excellent, but not necessarily a dressy place- and their shwarma & falafel is nowhere near as good as Sababa, the King of Falafel.

              1. re: biggreenmatt

                Just to be clear(er), I was suggesting the newish, somewhat stylish far-northern branch of Me Va Me at Bathurst and Rutherford Rd., not the original Me Va Me at Bathurst and Steeles. Bathurst/Rutherford Rd.'s Me Va Me menu is, in my view, more inventive and accomplished. The original Me Va Me is good, too, but considerably downscale. Someone walking in there in a tux would immediately silence the room.

                Agreed, in the Bathurst-Steeles neighbourhood, the nearby Sababa does better with appetizers, especially the falafel - and particularly in the takeout shop attached to the restaurant. But the main dishes seem better executed at the Bathurst-Steeles Me Va Me. Still, you could easily make a meal at Sababa from the first-rate starters.

                But all this is by-the-by, given that the OP has already opted for Terra. A $39 prix fixe at that level is hard to resist.

          1. re: juno

            I agree, juno, Ferrovia is overpriced.

            1. re: juno

              If you're at Bathurst and Rutherford, don't go to Ma Ve Me. Go to Hanna's Shwarama. It's the best middle eastern restaurant in the area!!

        2. Terra'll do. Not exciting, but quality at $39 prix fixe.

          Thanks, guys!