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Jul 6, 2012 10:02 AM

Restaurant with vegetarian options, KOP-WC-Paoli area

I need a suggest for a restaurant in this general area for 6 people on a Saturday night (but not THIS Saturday night.) Ethnic food is appreciated by all, and 2 of the 4 are vegetarians and I'd like them to have some choice. Hopefully someplace not too noisy to carry on a conversation. Any thoughts?

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  1. Ekta in Bryn Mawr (one of their outposts) is delicious with really wonderful special dishes. It was pretty quiet before.

    1. Ceders Cafe in Frazer might be a good fit. Lebanese/Middle Eastern. I'm not sure of the dinner noise level.

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        Thanks, but we got take-out from Cedars once...not impressed. Some really odd flavors, but not recent enough to recall exactly what we had.

      2. Not quite in your 'range' but how about Devi Indian in Exton. It is all vegetarian. Even tho I love my steak, I enjoy going to Devi and don't even miss the meat.

        1. A Taste of India in Gateway Shopping Center (Rt. 202 and Rt. 252 in Devon) is one of my local favorites and has an extensive vegetarian menu.

          1. The White Dog Cafe in Wayne has a good choice of Veggie 1st courses, Shared Plates and Entrees. To avoid high volume chatter steer clear of the bar area. Nice spot, interesting decor, very clubby ,good service and most food I have had there has been good. Got a problem with over-the-top dog decor? If so don't go!

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              +1 for White Dog. My biggest issue with Wayne is the parking...
              +1 for Taste of India. King of Prussia is crowded with decent indian options all of which have a good representation of vegetarian dishes, especially if you are getting the buffet. Chinnar and Desi Village are both good.

              Devi in Exton has been getting mixed reviews, especially from my friends from India. It is South Indian and is all vegetarian. So you are going to see different breads, different spices. Not at all like the northern India/Pakistani food that we think of as Indian food.

              Another option for south indian is the Dosa Hut & Chaat House in Eagleville. I like this place. Small and unassuming and very reasonably priced.