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Is there a NON CHINESE buffet - Monmouth/Ocean area?

I saw a place called Marina Buffet down past Lacey on Rt. 9 and thought I finally found a non-Chinese, maybe even seafood, buffet. Nope. Not only Chinese, but one of the worst I've ever eaten at. Made the pilgrimage to one of NJ's five Golden Corrals once and it certainly wasn't worth the trip. Can anyone recommend a good non-chinese buffet in the Ocean County area? Or even Monmouth County?

Along the same lines, which casino in AC has the best buffet in your opinion? I've only gone to Bally's which was ok and read a review saying Borgatta was number one by a hair, but I'd like the opinion of my fellow chowhounds.


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  1. OK, this place is actually in Linden, NJ, but I meet my friend there occasionally. Good food. Southern style cooking. Steaks cooked to order sometimes. Decent salad bar. One small part of it is Asian food, but the majority is Southern cuisine. Decent friend chicken, too.


    Only other non-Chinese places I can think of are sushi buffets. There's a few of those around. Of course they have Asian/Chinese food as well.

    And of course, there's a plethora of Indian restaurants around, with buffets for lunch and dinner.

    I did a search and found a Mexican buffet.. but it's in Dover, NJ. A bit of a hike. There's also a Cici's pizza buffet in Howell if you're into cheap pizza. I ate at one once, it was okay for what it was.

    Lastly, there are some Brazilian buffets in Long Branch, though I haven't been yet.

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      I used to live in Carteret, and we went to smokehouse buffet and I was really not impressed.

      First off, the clientele wasn't really the best dinner company ("You better believe I'm getting my money's worth!!.." *literally piles on more food* kind of attitude), and then the food is about quantity and not quality.. and that's coming from ME.. the guy who doesn't mind eating a grease truck fat sandwich in his car...

      I've been to a few CiCi's in my time.. i'd recommend that over the smokehouse place.. and honestly.. we are in NJ with a decent pizza place on every corner!

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        I only go to the Borgata. Once they opened, I never went to another AC casino buffet again.

      2. I googled and came up with two Brazilian Buffet Restaurants in Long Branch.....Pezao Brazilian Buffet & Grill and Sabor Brazilian. If you try them, let me know what you thought.!

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        1. There is a Cici's pizza in the area

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            Speaking of cici's one is opening up in north Brunswick on rt 1 right next to moe's. (movie theater parking lot)

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              Speaking of Moe's, one is opening in Marlboro (former Pathmark shopping center).

          2. For Indian restaurants, pretty much all they have at lunch is a buffet.

            1. While no where near your location The Manor in East Orange near the Eagle Rock
              Reservation/Road was famous for their Friday night seafood buffet. Included a raw bar of all you can eat shrimp, oysters and clams. The cooked lobster was of course always the "Maine" attraction. The carving station also included roast beef/prime rib, turkey, fresh ham and my favorite lamb. Overall excellent food quality at a premium price but a truly spectacular experience in one of NJ's more opulent settings. Save it for a birthday or special occasion and treat yourself to the experience. Only bad news is I haven't been in a year or two so I'm not 100% sure they still do it however they have been for the past 20+ years so I would find it odd if they stopped.

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                The Manor still offers the Lobster Buffet Wed-Fri Evenings......plus Saturday Eve, but the latter is more expensive for the weekend. Sunday Night is Family Dinner Buffet

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                  Fourunder since you seem very familiar with the Manor Buffett would you concur that it's a must try for any Buffett fan?

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                    I would agree that it is a great Buffet...simply due the quality of items available. Although it is billed as a Lobster and Seafood Extravaganza... there are also a number of meat, chicken and pasta dishes available too. From the Carving Station, there's always Beef, Pork/Ham and Turkey. Usually the beef is Prime Rib from my past experiences, but once they had a Steamship of Beef. On occasion, I've also seen and enjoyed Rack of Veal and Chateaubriand/Filet of Beef.

                    The Maine lobsters not withstanding....the cold raw bar and smoked fish is also outstanding. Sable and Sturgeon are always offered....as well as Caviar. The Seafood Salads are always interesting and creative...My past favorites have been the Lobster and Avocado.. I've mentioned this in the past somewhere...Normally, you are allowed to sit for two hours, but a past girlfriend's roommate and her boyfriend went there and sat for over four. The Cafone had 30 half lobsters and boasted about it.....Waiters can be very cruel and I wish i could have been the fly on the wall to hear what they said about him.

                    If you are a desert person, there are probably 50 items to choose from.....at anytime there will be cheesecakes, pies, layer cakes, tarts, tortes, cookies, puddings, pastries and fruit.

                    With that said....My absolute favorite item on the Buffet is.....The Cream of Mushroom Soup. I could have two bowls and be satisfied for the evening.....absolutely the best rendition I have ever had anywhere.

                    For under $50.....it's a bargain. If we can get our group together...we always try to go at least once....sometimes twice a year. My niece loves Lobster and Crab. When she was in High School I took her there for her Birthday. Whenever she was home on break from College, she always asked me to take her there......it's been a tradition for over a dozen years now.

              2. While giving this some more thought another idea might be to do some research on Sunday Brunch's in the area. While there will be the obligatory eggs Benedict and an omelette station most are all Buffett style and most carry an ample supple of lunch/dinner options including carving stations. Take a place like the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank and there Sunday Brunch would satisfy anyone's Buffett hankerings for awhile. Just trying to
                think outside the box here for both quality and location.

                1. Hi Everyone. We've had to remove a number of off-topic postings since they were discussing the discussion, rather than addressing the topic requesting recommendations for buffet dining. If you have any favorite buffets to add, please chime in. Thanks very much!

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                    The Reserve at Ballys in AC has the best Sunday brunch i have been to in a long time. I have been wanting to try the Molly Pitcher since I have heard good things about that one as well.