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Jul 6, 2012 08:53 AM

Early dinner near Tarragon Theatre on Sat.

Hello all.

Hubby and I are going to see a few plays for Fringe Festival. We will be around the Tarragon Theatre (Bathurst and Dupont area) on Sat. and going for an early dinner. We are meeting up with another couple. Is there anything casual in the area that has good food of any type. We love all flavours, cultures, etc. Patio would be awseome, although not mandetory. We don't mind walking a bit to get to a destination either.
Hubby is saying to try Annapurna. Anyone have any thoughts on this place?

Thanks for your help. I'm not very farmilliar with Toronto once east of

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  1. I don't have specific recommendations but you could search on here for "Annex" recommendations.

    1. Fanny Chadwicks. It's at Dupont and Albany.

      1. We thoroughly enjoyed Bistro Tournesol before a play at Tarragon, don't think they have a patio though

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          +1 for Tournesol -- love the mussels starter. I believe they are participating in Summerlicious this year, if that makes a difference.

        2. We always go to Bistro Tournesol for our pre-Tarragon dinner. It's located at 406, Dupont (416-921-7766). Prix Fixe menu for two courses but with plenty of choices for $29.00. There is on street parking by the restaurant but we usually park in the big parking lot opposite the theatre, maybe collect tickets then before a shortish walk back to the restaurant.

          However, it is very popular with Tarragon theatre goers so advisable to book ahead.

          1. Diverso by Ferraro - Italian - is on the north side of Dupont, west of Bathurst. There's a small patio right on street level, and the main restaurant down a few stairs.
            Live - vegan, vegetarian, interesting - is also on the north side, just east of Bathurst, and if I recall has a lovely backyard patio.

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              Yup - Live has a patio out in the back.

              Also close by is Magic Oven, if you're into Italian food - pizzas and pastas etc. It is a couple of doors down from Live. The great thing about their pizzas are the choices for crust (gluten free and spelt options) as well as their organic toppings.