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Jul 6, 2012 08:40 AM

substituting slivered almonds for sliced??

Hi all,

I am about to make biscotti, which I always make using sliced almonds, However, a neighbor who just moved left me with a very large bag of slivered almonds, which I'd like to use. I'm wondering how these might affect the biscotti, if at all? Any thoughts?


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  1. Slivered almonds, having greater mass but smaller surface area, will give you more of a crunch (firmer bite) than the sliced almonds.

    1. I would think it would work great. I always use whole nuts for biscotti, as you end up slicing them when you slice the cookies anyway.
      The slivered will give you a little more crunch than you are used to, but should be delicious.

      1. You should probably toast the slivered ones a bit before use for more crunch.

        1. i'd toast them and also smash them into smaller pieces.

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            I use slivered almonds when I make biscotti. I toast them but do not bother to smash them. The recipe tells you to toast whole almonds and then cut them into two - too much work.

          2. It will work just fine.