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Jul 6, 2012 07:39 AM

Paradise Farms Cafe - Sheppard/Bayview area

Not really in an area I frequent but saw mention of it on BlogTO and wondering if any CHers have been yet. Making me hungry:

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  1. Me too. Saw this in the newspaper and read the blog above. Really interested in trying this place.

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      Went with a friend on Friday. We had the kobe and the Ontario Highlander burger. They were both really good but I honestly couldn't tell the difference between the 2. I would skip getting the kobe burger imo. Pretty good toppings like caramelzied onions, sweet peppers, mushrooms and guacomole and they are free except for bacon and cheese which were 1.50 extra each. Nice to see that my burger was a little pink in the middle as well. Also had the onion rings and fries. Onion rings were really crispy and well done. Fries were tasty but they weren't very crispy.

      It's a different type of burger from Burger's Priest and Holy Chuck but I'd rate it up with those 2. A little pricey but since it's a 5 minute walk from my place, I'd definitely be going back!

    2. Went there today for lunch w/ a few co workers and found it was just ok for gourmet burgers. Certainly the meat is quality, but unfortunately the patties are packed too tightly and was over slightly cooked. I like my patties slightly pink and juicy on the inside, with a nice charred crunch on the outside, and today it had neither. Comparing a bite of just the patty alone of the Highlander vs Angus, I found very little difference. My co-workers compared the Kobe vs. Angus and they found the Kobe to be drier than the Angus.

      The sweet potato fries were ok, while the onion rings were crispy but tasteless. The homemade ketchup was nice, almost salsa like.