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Jul 6, 2012 06:48 AM

Anniversary dinner on the North Shore

I have spent all morning reading the fabulous information on this board. I love it! I've also searched for romantic or great restaurants on the north shore and find most of the threads are a bit older or not exactly where I want to go. So, our 10th anniversary is next week and I'm looking for an unpretentious but nice restaurant for dinner. We live in Topsfield so I'm thinking about Newburyport. Salem feels like it takes forever to get to from our house. Does anyone have an opinion on Mission Oak Grill? We were originally thinking of Pellana but their menu doesn't excite me. Not terribly concerned about budget. My husband loves steak, I love everything! Thank you all in advance for your input.

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  1. i took my boyfriend to mission oak last year for his bday and we had a great meal-the prices were decent, and the food was great. It felt like a steak house without the HUGE bill. We went for drinks before at the Black Cow on the water-a little cheesy (its good people watching) but within walking distance and has an outdoor deck. Im pretty sure for the whole night including drinks, apps and food was less than a 100. :)
    If im not mistaken theres a champagne bar around the corner as well.

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      1. Thank you cookfood, I will definitely find the champagne bar! Henning - My husband is older than I am. I have no intention of making it long enough to hang out at the Century House:)

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          Hey, the Century House, on the taven side, has a pretty good burger. I'd recommend the Franklin Cafe in Gloucesta.

        2. We've always had really good meals at "10 Center", in Newburyport. Nice atmosphere, good wine list and good choices on the menu that are done well. You'll have a nice evening there!

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          1. it's most likely in the "too far" range but Duckworth's in Gloucester cant be beat