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Jul 6, 2012 06:33 AM

13th and Vermont NW

A friend of mine will be visiting the Bethune House next week and is looking for a place nearby for lunch. Any suggestions? Good service is probably more important than cuisine. Thanks for any and all advice

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  1. Weekday or weekend? There are lots of great restaurants in the neighborhood, but many are closed for lunch.

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    1. Mio is an upscale Puerto Rican place. We had a lot of success with the fish and the trio of arepas more so than the pork. See link:

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          Lincoln would be my choice as well. They have a fun menu. Make sure to look at the lunch menu, it's different than the dinner menu (which is small plates...lunch is not).

          Zentan also is good for Asian cuisine and sushi and is nearby.

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            it's close to our new place, haven't been yet, but their brunch menu looks fantastic!

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              Thanks everybody -- I appreciate the quick and enlightening help!

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                Ended up at Mio's -- not at all what I was expecting, but we were certainly treated well. Arepas were good and very filling. Enjoyed what they called a Korean pork sandwich. I had intended to try the pulled pork, but that's not how they were serving it. A little strange, but it was good. Coffee, however, was disappointing but that is not unusual, I guess.