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Jul 6, 2012 06:18 AM

The Committed Pig - Manasquan

It's a new spot that opened. They serve a casual menu, brunch items all day than dinner - which is pretty much the same stuff. Here's the website: What I thought was clever, honestly, was the pork roll section of the menu. Good idea, right? Take a Jersey thing and make it worth exploring - this is the Shore after all. Places have had a burger section forever, it's time for a pork roll section.

Pancakes, grilled cheese, burgers, salads, etc. each have their own piece of the menu (which I suppose you can see on the link so I didn't have to explain . . .) It's BYO. The burgers are made with the La Frieda blend and served on a potato roll (except the burgernut - think about the name, you'll get the "bread" they use - especially if you like Paula Deen).

Personally, I found the Yelp reviews of the place to be a blast: One guy says there is no pork on the menu except bacon. Oh, I'm sorry, I guess it was hard to notice the Taylor Ham section dead center on the menu . . . Then some lady complains about tap water being served and the information on the menu. Maybe it's just me, but isn't tap water pretty much the standard everywhere that serves food below the 30 dollar price point? Oh, and the menu on the site is exactly the same as the one they provide you in the place.

Bottom line . . . I enjoyed the food I have had at the Pig and will likely head back for a Sunday lunch or two, six pack in hand. I, however, really enjoyed the Yelp reviews of the place - Wow!

Edit - I should have noted that we have been there a couple times, managed to keep it under 30 bucks with tax and tip, the "illy dilly" burger had two patties, and the pork roll sandwich came with hash brown patties (think McDonalds in shape and form).

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  1. The same Yelp reviewers that were shocked and apalled that the place served tap water (TAP WATER!!!) also seemed upset that the menus were paper. ??? They were expecting carved stone tablets maybe?

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      I just looked at the Yelp reviews again as my wife had noticed they had gotten better. Oddly, it seems the "no pig" guy's review is gone and the "tap water" lady has been sequestered (or whatever they do when they hide reviews. Pretty funny! I'm glad to see the place is getting some buzz. It's pretty well attended when I walk past at lunchtime. Luckily, summer's started it's downhill descent . . . .

    2. It is probably the worst name for a restaurant I've ever heard in my life. I would never go there just because of that.

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        1. re: MGZ

          Familiar with the joke...but I never ate at the Slaughtered Lamb either.

          1. re: coldbeer

            Not only have I eaten at The Slaughtered Lamb, I've got a tee shirt! :-)

            1. re: equal_Mark

              I liked it better when it was The Peculiar Pub.

            2. re: coldbeer

              I wonder what's on the menu at The Fox and Hound in Lebanon, NJ??

              (Actually, I've been there several times and no canids... they did have boar though.)

        2. In fairness, the Taylor Ham section is in the Brunch menu but not in the Dinner menu.

          I really like the restaurant's name.

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          1. re: drongo

            They have told me that they will make any of the pork roll sandwiches at dinner based upon whether or not they have the ingredients left. Never tried to order one though . . .

          2. I've got to say I have seen this thread on the NJ page and from the name I just assumed it was a BBQ or Rib place so I never paid it any mind.

            I guess a combination of bordem and a needed break from work I decided to read this thread and check out the link/menu. I can honestly say this place has just made it onto my short list of new places I want to try. I find it rather difficult to find much variety in breakfast places it seems NJ has resigned itself to being the diner breakfast capital of the world. This looks like it would be a breath of fresh air for a nice sunday breakfast alternative!

            1. Ha! Well looking at my comment from Aug of last year I guess it took me longer than expected to check this place out.

              Just got back from breakfast there and it is everything everyone has posted about it in this thread and a few others.

              Cute, quaint, just as expected was seated after a short wait. Service was good, pork roll egg and cheese was excellent and the cookie dough pancakes were superb! The grilled fig and Brie sandwich got high raves as did the bacon egg and cheese sandwich.

              All in all well worth the 15/20 minute drive for an excellent breakfast/brunch.

              (Only complaint the regular coffee was a little to strong/old/burnt tasting for my liking. Don't know if it was just a bad pot the decaf was fine. Reminded me too much like a Starbucks blend which I personally can't stand. Side note to the OP I noticed the well reviewed Firefly right next door.)

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              1. re: jrvedivici

                I'm glad you liked it. Any chance you got a hash brown for the extra-greasy goodness?

                There are quite a few places on that little stretch of Main Street: Pig, Firefly, George Lu, Max Devro's, Remington's, and , the now closed, Paramount Diner (It's actually sorta sad to pass it, the tables are still set!).

                1. re: MGZ

                  Yes I did get the hash browns (2) as the side to my sandwich. I would have liked a diner style home fries as an option but I didn't see them on the menu. The table next to us had omlettes which looked delicious.

                  Took a ride to the inlet and around town after and was sad to still see the aftermath of destruction.

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    Even better are the pig fries. Your choice of shoestring, waffle, or sweet potato fries coverd with Mornay cheese sauce and crumbled bacon. Rumor is that you can also get gravy on them later in the day.

                    1. re: jrvedivici

                      There is a lot of work to be done. It is still depressing to me.

                      Oddly, while the Eastern "horseshoe" of the town remains demoralizing, I was thinking after posting earlier that the restaurant scene on Main Street is the best it has ever been (even with the shuttered diner).

                      One that I have never much mentioned, that may be a real "up and comer", is called Max Devro's. It's a sandwich shop and started out pretty basic and typical deli, but has since graduated to some more creative offerings: a pork and shrimp burger, braised short rib sandwich, even an occasional special of pork roll chili frito pie. Here's the website, however, the menu seems a bit out of date: