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Jul 6, 2012 04:35 AM

Washington, MO?

Wife and I are planning a little day trip to Washington, MO. Any recommendations on local places to eat? We will be traveling from Belleville, IL so anywhere along the way is fine. We would prefer to not eat in STL if possible.


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  1. We ate at American Bounty in Washington once and liked it a lot. Of course, there is always Wimpie's where you can still get brains and eggs.

    1. I like a burger @ Wimpy's. It has been awhile since I have been to American Bounty. I was thinking we might try the Old Dutch Hotel next time we go there. I think we ate there once a loooooong time ago in a previous incarnation(of the hotel).

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        Aldo's Pizza in Washington is really pretty good, and a pleasant space, and serves much more than pizza. 10-15 miles from town is the Hawthorne Inn in Labadie, which is quite good.

      2. I would take hwy 94 from 64/40. There are wineries and it is a very pretty drive. Stop in Augusta @ Centennial Farms and see what they have and there are some new restaurants there. Worth a drive around in that little town.

        From there you can continue on 94 through Dutzow or take the Augusta Bottoms road, which is gravel part of the way, to 47.

        1. Don't forget to have some pie at Cowan's.