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Jul 6, 2012 03:36 AM

The "Chobani" Yogurt Story

I found this interesting to learn about how Chobani got its beginnings -- a Turk bought an old Kraft yogurt factory…..

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    another story on Chobani we discussed earlier this year.

    1. I remember when the dairy Mgr. mentioned the shortage and the shortfall; that the stores couldn't keep up with demand. What do you think has been the reason for the popularity of Chobani's brand over the other versions being sold?

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      1. re: HillJ

        I love the taste and I have tried all Greek yogurt varites out there.

        1. re: HillJ

          Our local upstate New York Hannaford was constantly putting a small sign on the shelf letting people know that the product will be restocked asap.

          Of course, that huge tractor trailer accident - dumping the yogurt all over the highway a few weeks ago - wasn't good news. Must hire better drivers...

          1. re: breadchick

            I wasn't aware of the tractor trailer accident dumping yogurt all over the highway, breadchick. No reports of people arriving en masse with spoons to help deal with the recovery :)

            Was it a Chobani truck?

            1. re: breadchick

              Dunno about the quality of the drivers, but the place where the truck wrecked is called Kamikaze Curve by the locals for a reason. :) My mother lives in the area near where the wreck happened, there are wrecks there ALL the time.

          2. Give me Strauss full-fat organic European style any day. Cleaner rivers will thank you, too, though the guys being paid to move all that whey around might not.


            1. I really like Voskos Honey Greek Yogurt, although the flavor variety in Chobani is great.