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Jul 5, 2012 10:54 PM

Wagyu Beef Ranch and Restaurant in Western Nebraska???

I'm moving across the country and will be using I-80 thru Nebraska on my way to California. I'm looking to stay in Western Nebraska one night and would love to have an incredible steak-dinner experience.

Is there anyone out there that knows of a Beef Ranch that also serves their own steaks for dinner? If not, then how about a good, home style restaurant that serves steaks that they got from "out back".

Any help would be appreciated!


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  1. I don't know of a place like that. I'd guess there isn't much of a market for it because everyone raises their own beef. It's just not that interesting. That being said, you'll be in some serious beef country. If I were to give any advice, it'd be to ask a local where to get a good steak. Many times the best ones are not from the "nice" looking places. Lots of the small town bars out there use meat from family's cattle. About anywhere you go is going to have much better beef than you can get from the coasts anyway, so don't sweat it, and find a place. My dad said one of the worst steaks he's ever eaten was from one of the "finer" steakhouses in DC. Him and my mom go out every week to a tiny bar and eat 12 ounce ribeyes for $8. We're all REALLY picky about steak.

    Lots of places like that only serve steaks on friday and saturdays, so keep that in mind. I'd just call a hotel and ask where to go. This is worth mentioning too. I'm making a generalization here, but keep this in mind. In the sandhills north of I-80, is where most of the cattle in the state are pastured. They raise the steers to a certain weight and then sell them to feed lots. The feed lots feed them ddgs, corn, ect, and then sell them to the packing houses. That's the meat you get from the grocery store. My dad prefers the taste of that meat, but I don't. Of the rancher friends I have, about half prefer grass finished and half prefer corn finished. All the feedlots are "around" the sandhills. If you go north of the interstate you're more likely to get grass finished. Just an FYI. Either way, they are serious about their beef out there. I was out there two months back and stopped in Ogalalla just to buy some ribeyes. They were no roll (ungraded), but would have been prime if graded. $6 a lb.

    If you're serious about it, I'd waste half a day, drive up to the sandhills, and find a bar. When you say western NE, where were you thinking? It's a big state and that'd help me narrow it down a little. At the very least, stop at a small town somewhere west of North Platte and look for where the most beat up ranch trucks are. That's where you'd want to go.

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      This is great! Thanks for the intel! Yeah, Western NE is expansive, so I'll narrow it down. I'd like to stay as close to I-80 as we can. It's a long move to CA, so I don't want to wander too far off the beaten path. That said, in and around Sidney would be great. We might make it all the way to Cheyenne, WY on Saturday night, so if you know of a local joint there that woudl serve up top shelf beef, that would be great.

      I will take your advice and call a local hotel or two for some tips...but...would appreciate any additional research you could provide!

    2. I've done the trip many times including 4 moving loads. I know what you are looking for and it is really tough to find on I80.

      Outside West Des Moines is a fun steak place where you grill your own Rube's. There are some nice motels not too far away.

      Omaha and Lincoln NE have good places. The best place in Sidney is Dude's.

      Ole's Steak House in Paxton, NE is very good.

      Cheyenne is only fair for food but you may want to try 10 miles south of I80. Terry Bison Ranch. They may be the closest to what you are asking for.

      Rawlings has a nice Thai place, Anongs.

      Salt Lake City has good places.

      Winnemucca, NV has a good Basque place.