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Jul 5, 2012 09:18 PM

Lima on Sunday

Anyone have suggestions for Sunday lunch and dinner? It seems like most restaurants are closed on Sundays. So far I have only found AmorAmar open for lunch. Thanks.

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  1. Pescados Capitales is a great place to get seafood/Cebiche/Tiraditos in Miraflores. Other Cebicherias that are open on Sunday include La Pescaderia in Callao and Barranco, and Cinco Esquinas in Miraflores. Here are some photos of Pescados when I ate there last year.

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      I'll second Pescados Capitales. We had a great lunch there on a Sunday afternoon.

    2. Does anyone specifically have dinner recommendations for a Sunday in Lima?

      1. Gastón Acurió is a wonderful mentor, coach and chef in Miraflores, Lima. He has restaurants in Lima, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Madrid Capital, Spain and Mexico D.F.

        Highly suggested for his cebiche and his chupe, shellfish chowder ...

        And of course Pisco Sours.

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