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Jul 5, 2012 09:00 PM

Master Chef - Final 9

Have to say, while I enjoy the show, it has become very predictable. I think the only surprise was that the beautiful Samantha was first to go. I figured they'd keep her a show or two more, just on looks. I was a little upset with this week, because it seemed to me David (who does show some skill) was kept more for what he might do later, where as Mike was let go because they felt he had shown the best he had to offer already (ironically earlier in that episode)

I think right now, based on what I have seen, only four people have a realistic chance of winning. Frank, Christine, Becky and Josh. How do I think it will play out (In order of elimination)


I just think the show is playing up the Stacey/Becky thing too much for it not to mean something. Any others thoughts?

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  1. Tali is in the final 9 and Anna isn't? The whole thing is a fix to me now. They already know who they are going to pick, I have almost no doubt; the rest is smoke and mirrors.

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      Tali slipped through by being on a winning team in a challenge. Anna had some bad luck and then blew a dish. I see no evidence of a fix.

    2. I think Christine has a good chance simply because of beeting the odds.

      1. I ope Christine wins for many reasons, imho

        1. Wow, my pick for #2 is gone