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Jul 5, 2012 08:40 PM

Foodie Destinations on way from NYC to Berkshires?

Does anyone have any specific recommendations for restaurants and/or farmstands to stop at on the route from NYC to the Berkshire mountain area? I know there are multiple ways to get up there, and we're willing to shift our route if it means stopping at a worthwhile destination. We're starting in Brooklyn and ending up in Great Barrington. When I was a little girl we used to go to Red Rooster and get burgers, but now I don't eat meat so it's not as much fun going there. Looking for suggestions!

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  1. Too bad, because farther north on Route 22, in Wingdale, is Big W's BBQ. Excellent ribs and some of the best brisket I've ever had. Any farmstands on Route 22 will be pretty north of that, closer to where you'd make the turn for the Berkshires.

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      I like Restaurant 9 in Millerton, NY, it's a really nice stop in my view. Depending on what day you're there, the farmer's market in Millerton has nice goodies in it too.

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        I'll second 9. If you come thru Red Hook there's Mercado. Or the Crimson Sparrow that just opened in Hudson. Haven't tried it yet but it's Wylie Dufrense exec chef.

    2. Agree with others on Restaurant 9 a fine choice. Also, Serevan just off Rt 22 south of Millerton in Amenia, Mediterranean-Middle Eastern with maybe more interesting for non-meat choices. I also like Mercato a lot, but if you go in that direction I'd also recommend Luna 61 in Tivoli, very nice vegetarian menu well done (coincidentally relocated from the same Red Hook location now occupied by Mercato). If you do take Rt 22 north I'd also recommend John Andrew's on Rt 23 west of Hillsdale just over the line in Connecticut, a specially nice wooded setting and welcoming ambiance.

      1. Agriturismo in Pine Plains is a nice restaurant that uses local produce and meat. Pine plains is about seven miles east of the Taconic Parkway, at the Rt. 199 exit. Open Thurs - Sat for dinner, Sunday lunch. I've eaten there several times and it has always been excellent.

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          I don't drive by Heinchon's in Pawling without stopping for ice cream. Fantastic.

        2. If you go up the Taconic, the Terrace Club in Mahopac is excellent. They have pastas and plenty of fish, so meat is avoidable (might be tough if you don't eat fish). It is on the lake and an absolutely delightful place to eat.