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Jul 5, 2012 08:10 PM

Inexpensive Wedding Cake/Cupcakes for January.

I am getting married in January and need to find a bakery that will offer a wedding cake or wedding cupcakes at an inexpensive price while maintaining quality. We are thinking of a nice 2 layered cake with cupcakes on stands. The cupcakes are optional, the main focus is stay within the $600 budget. I am willing to travel to Maine, NH, or any of MA. Any help would be great.

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    1. How would you feel about contacting one of the pastry schools?
      I bet they have graduations in December, too, if you wanted to give a grad their first real job.

      1. We got cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe in Beverly for our wedding. Not sure how many people you are looking to feed, but I found their prices to be great and delicious! We ordered between 10-12 dozen small cupcakes and spent about $300, which included delivery - but not set up. Their small cupcakes are regular size cupcakes, 2-3 bites per cupcake.

        1. for how many guests? flavor(s)?

          1. I hear that Treats on Washington St in Brighton Center has good cheap cupcakes. They seem to do cakes to order as well.