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Jul 5, 2012 07:49 PM

What is the best home barbecue grill?

I'm going to buy a new grill. I've always owned Webers - kettles, Smokey Joes, gas grills. But what do YOU think I should buy? I'm not looking for a big Cadillac competition grill, just something I can put some hardwood lump charcoal in, or maybe some wood, and fire it up, and cook a great steak or some fish on a weeknight. Or grill up a lamb leg or a whole chicken or a bunch of burgers on the weekend. Really versatile, not horribly expensive, something that will last a while. So... what should I buy?

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  1. I say stick with Weber. If you haven't seen their product line lately, they have really added a lot of features to the charcoal kettle grills.

    1. If you've had good luck with Webers and have been satisfied with them, look into a Weber Smokey Mountain. WSM aficionados are almost as rabid as In-N-Out fans!

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        ricepad is right. For a smoker, a Weber Smokey Mountain is a fantastic smoker at a fantastic price.

      2. Best non-gas? Big Green Egg...Not horribly expensive, the classic Weber kettle

        1. The beauty of the Weber Kettle Grill is that you actually CAN both grill and BBQ on them. I'd stick with the Weber if I were you.

          1. I like my Weber kettle. Have not seen anything that I have wanted to replace it with. As mentioned, it is very versatile and you can easily find new grates and accessories for it.

            I'm on my second one now, got the first one about 1979-1980.

            I highly recommend the one with an ash bucket underneath as opposed to the shallow tray.