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Jul 5, 2012 07:38 PM

Back to Tokyo...

Tokyo Chowhounders,

I am making it back to Japan (6 nights Tokyo & 1 night in Sapporo) after an incredible trip in April. Dined at Ryugin, Quintessence, Ginza Okuda, Sant Pau and Ishikawa. An amazing experience, both in terms of food and hospitality, at all of the properties, with Sant Pau was the least impressive. So many lessons learned, in terms of hospitality, that I have taken back with me to San Francisco.

I've got less time and am interested more in casual fare this trip, but am definitely throwing in 1 or 2 big meals. Torn between L'Effervescence, Les Creations Narisawa or Takazawa this time around and another big, more traditional selection (i.e. sushi or kaiseki)...any advice?

Thank You!

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  1. If you're willing to spend the extra coin (which it looks like you are) I'd recommend Sawada for sushi. It's the ultimate sushi experience. I've brought two people on two different occasions and both declared it the best meal they've ever eaten.

    I'm also a big fan of the eel at Nodaiwa (located in a nondescript basement complex alongside Sukiyabashi Jiro and Birdland.

    I know that Creations de Narisawa doesn't get a lot of love on this board but I enjoyed myself when I went two years ago (although I preferred Aronia de Takazawa).

    For an inexpensive but surprisingly great pizza, check out Pizza Serinkan in Naka-Meguro. You get a choice between two pizzas (Margerita and Marinara) and they shut down when they sell out for the day.

    For tonkatsu, Butagami is hard to beat for its wide variety of choices.