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Jul 5, 2012 05:36 PM

breakfast in westfield area?

looking for a place in or near westfield to meet a friend for breakfast next week. something a notch above a diner, but not too pricey. thanks for any recommendations.

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    1. Turning Point is great. It can get crowded but if you call ahead they'll put your name down and tell you about how long the wait should be.

      1. Just plain dave's is certainly not fancy but the food is great

        1. I second the love for Vicki's, even though you'd probably classify it as a diner. Vicki's food is great and the service is quick and easy - their pancakes are fantastic, and even the short stack is huge! Turning Point, while perhaps a "notch above a diner," has terrible food and service. In the time it took a waitress to come take our meal order, at Vicki's we already got our food. Once our order was finally taken, the waitress disappeared, and even though our table was right next to the kitchen, one order of eggs was cold by the time we got it. The food itself was nothing to write home about, either - my omelette and potatoes were swimming in a pool of oil and water, and my english muffin was burnt. You can always count on Vicki's, though - and that's why you go to a diner, isn't it?

          If you really don't want a diner, might want to try Ana Beall's Tea Room (opens at 11, so might be better for brunch). From what I've heard, it has a cute atmosphere. However, be warned as I haven't heard as good things about the food.

          1. I agree with everybody about Vicki's being great. Yes...technically a diner, but a wonderful one! I do like the food at Turning Point, but the above poster is correct. The service can be lousy. Another option is Bagel Chateau on South Avenue.