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Jul 5, 2012 05:36 PM

Albuquerque Sushi?

Is there any really good sushi in the Albuquerque metro area? We liked Noda's, but now it's gone. Tried Crazy Fish once and it was pretty good. Just wondering if there's any place that's terrific.

-- Thanks.

PS: I'd heard the Nodas' son was going to open up a place. Did that ever happen?

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  1. Went back to our go to Sushi restaurant Ichiban and found it better than ever. The fish was fresh, the rice was moist the the niri was crip. Salmon skin hand roll was yummy. Spider roll was crunchy and the soft shell was perfectly cooked in fresh oil crunchy and delicious. We have been going to Ichiban for many years and they consistently produce great meals. Last night was better than ever. Not Noda but as sushi goes superb!