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Jul 5, 2012 04:51 PM

Olive Room

Am curious as to if anyone has dined here. The restaurant appears to have a lovely view of the Innter Habor and a decent menu.

Would also like to hear whether or not Wit and Wisdom lives up to the price point with their menu offerings, Does the restaurant have an outdoor dining venue? FoiGras

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  1. Foi,
    Not surprisingly, Wit and Wisdom has a website. The fourth sentence says that it has a "seasonal waterfront patio."

    Please report back.

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    1. re: crackers

      thanks crackers--- I can't choose whether ot go to the Olive Room as a first priority or the Wit and Wisdomm--with this heat--defintely don't want to stay at home and cook. I don't believe I'll get to either at least for a few weeks. Hope you can dine at either before I do. Stay cool--if that is actually possible.. FoiGras

    2. The Olive Room seems modern and sterile compared to the Black Olive location on Bond St (where they no longer serve lunch, unfortunately).

      My opinion of the Olive Room is colored by the fact that the one time we ate lunch there, most of the staff didn't show up for work. The front staff were the two owners and a young girl that wasn't old enough to be able to make drinks (and of course, she was the only one who seemed to know what she was doing).

      Lunch took almost three hours, and not because we were lingering over food.

      I miss lunch at the original Black Olive. It was much more pleasant.

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      1. re: Hal Laurent

        Thanks Hal-- I always appreciate your take on the local dining scene. I've missed being a part of the Chowhound network--hated being overly monitored. Okay, enough about that.

        I may say that I dined at the Black Olive about 10 years ago and was not impressed, but would definitely try again. But, we are talkng apples and apples here. I am referring to dinner. do you think that the difference between dinner and lunch is a major factor in the quality and service at either restaurant ? Thanks for your input--I no longer want to just try out a restaurant without positive expectations that aren't fulfilled. the dining dollar for dining out isn't what it used to be. FoiGras

        1. re: FoiGras

          I've never been to the Black Olive for dinner. The dinner menu is a superset of the lunch menu.

          1. re: Hal Laurent

            Hal--many years ago I had dinner at the Black Olive--(going back over 10 years or more ago) and was very disappointed. Since it was such a long time ago I can't even recall why I was not pleased. I do recall that the spacing of the tables being so close together was an annoyance. In any event, I was hoping that you had dined there at dinner time, but alas, that hasn't happened. And since you were not impressed with the Olive Room (and what seems to be a very negative experience)--despite it was lunchtime--I am hesitant to try out the Olive Room for dinner.. I may reconsider the BlackOlive based on the favorite reviews you have provided, if I correctly recall, in past postings. FoiGras

      2. We've actually had 2 great meals at the Olive Room, although the service the second time around left a lot to be desired (the waiter was a lurker and seemed quite inexperienced). Still, though, the food shined both times, and enough so that we would readily go back. I actually liked the atmosphere, which seemed a bit darker and more intimate than the Black Olive (we were there when it was colder, so the outside seating wasn't yet open). And it is way more affordable, which is a huge plus. Dishes I've loved include the grilled scallops (plump, fresh) and lamb burger (which comes with surprisingly good fries!). My husband loves the souvlakia. I definitely encourage you to try it, especially on a night when you can eat outside and enjoy the view.