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Jul 5, 2012 04:48 PM

In town for a few days and need an assist.

We will be in town from Los Angeles are would like to explore some regional cuisine w/an emphasis on bbq. We will have a rental car so modest travel for a meal is not out of the question. We are looking to get some bbq (top shelf brisket). Here we have narrowed the field to Pecan Lodge or Lockhart's Smoke House. What is the general opinion between the two?

We are also considering a Friday night dinner at Lonesome Dove Bistro. Would it be inappropriate to bring a young child (3 years old) who is a good eater for an early dinner there? More importantly, how is the food? If Lonesome Dove would be inappropriate or better food can be had elsewhere, what would you suggest?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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  1. #1 ~ Pecan Lodge in Shed #2 at the Dallas Farmers Market. Recently featured on Diner's, Drive Ins & Dives, they've got the best BBQ this side of Central Texas. Be sure to ask for their "fatty brisket".
    But keep in mind, they're only open for lunch Thur-Sun.

    #2 ~ Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff. Number two but still, very credible BBQ.

    Not sure about bringing a 3 year old to Lonesome Dove as I've never been there. I'm sure others will advise you.

    You might want to try Smoke in Oak Cliff. Fabulous food and no problem with bringing a toddler along.

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      thanks for the reply. I think we will head to Pecan Lodge for a Friday lunch. We will look into Smoke

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        You should also consider Smoke's weekend brunch. Considered by many, the best in town!

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          Definitely hit Smoke for brunch. I love the brisket cornbread hash.

      2. I think it would be all right to bring a child to Lonesome Dove early on a Friday. Considering that it's in the stockyards, I'm not sure there's any real substitute in Dallas (even without the stockyards as I think about it). There's a cattle drive through the stockyards at lunchtime (the restaurant is open at lunch but somewhat different menu)--that would be fun to catch. The food is good. I think better food can be had elsewhere, but you're looking specifically for regional, so Lonesome Dove is a standout in that respect. Bonnelle's, also in FW, specializes in wild game and is also worthwhile, but its location has nothing to recommend it.

        +1 on the Smoke recommendation.

        Are you interested in our Mexican food?

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          We have such high quality Mexican in So Cal, unless it was something not to be missed, we would likely pass.

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              Texas and Southern California Mexican fare are nothing alike .... With that being said, I have yet to meet a Californian who finds Tex-Mex to his or her liking.

              1. re: hawkeyeui93

                Agree, it's likely an apples to oranges comparison. Here in LA we have some world class options including Oaxacan (great moles), seafood in the style of Nayarit and baja style fish tacos, to name a few. If you're ever out in this neck of the woods, drop me a line and I will gladly stear you in the right diretion.

                That said, we were in Austin (not sure how the food scene there stacks up against that in the DFW area but we had some really nice Mexican), if you were to narrow you options to one or two spots, what do you recommend. Go Hawks!

                1. re: anothernotch

                  I know anyone would love Mesa on E. Jefferson in Oak Cliff. It's one of our best. If not, the best!

                  And, Veracruz Cafe. Also in Oak Cliff.

                  Either of the above will make a Californian very happy.

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                    Thanks again to everyone who offered suggestions. We went to Pecan Lodge for lunch on Friday. The brisket was exactly what we had in mind. Great smoke flavor, moist and worth the wait. We decided upon Smoke for our one dinner. Execllent recommendation. We had the Arugula salad, duck leg w/Pasilla Mole (one of the best 5 bites I've had this year) and the steak w/German potatos. My lone complaint was that the restaurant was extremely loud. It seemed like we had to yell to communicate with each other. On the other hand, this made it a perfect environment for a three year old.

                    1. re: anothernotch

                      Yeah, us Texans can be quite loud. Really glad you enjoyed our recs! YEEEHAAAAAW!