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Jul 5, 2012 04:02 PM

Canadian Wines (at restaurants or wine stores)

Looking for a restaurant or wine store in the LA area that sells Canadian wines (other than ice wine). I love the Niagara region and Prince Edward County wines, once in awhile I get lucky and they pop up online but usually ship from out of state.

I've called all of the "Canadian" restaurants in the area, lots of Canadian beer but no wine. Hoping some small restaurant or store has an eclectic mix that includes some of these yummy wines!

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  1. I've looked before at all of the serious wine stores in the area and haven't been very successful at finding any (non-ice wines). Looking around quickly, the only one I currently see is an Ontario Pinot at K&L.

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      If someone really wants to buy Canadian wine while down here they'll be doing it online at sites like

      1. re: Servorg is a great spot, it's my online go to. Would still love to find a local place