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Jul 5, 2012 04:00 PM

Weekend in Portland with a picky eater...

I'm spending a weekend in Portland, and need suggestions for two restaurants for dinner. Here are the criteria: 1) I'm traveling with my mom, an incredibly picky eater who gravitates towards bland basics like roast chicken and steak, though my palate likes things that are a little more adventurous, 2) we're staying in downtown Portland, near Pioneer Square, and won't have a car, so we need places that are easy to get to from that area by public transportation or taxi, 3) no seafood/sushi joints, 4) flexible on price - we're from NY/LA and so are kind of inured to spendy joints.

What restaurants meet those guidelines and serve creative, quality food that won't scare away a timid diner? Any help appreciated!

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  1. I think the Heathman Hotel Restaurant would fit that bill. Wildwood has a roasted chicken on there that is usually very good and simple while their other food is more interesting and very good (you could get there by street car or cab). The Veritable Quandry could work although I think their food is a little hit and miss and you're better served by sticking to simpler dishes. There is the Ringside Fish House near there that she would probably like and while it is seafood based they have the dishes you are talking about. The Red Star Tavern in the Hotel Monaco could work as well.