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Jul 5, 2012 03:41 PM

Where can I find delicious Frito chili pie?

This dish is not on enough menus! I want spicy chili, onions, cheese, and fritos piled high! But where??

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  1. I've had it at Sonic on Route 1, Peabody.

    1. Staff Meal food truck is now making a Frito Pie burrito. Haven't had it yet but their other stuff is great

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      1. re: bclarke25

        The "Irene" -

        I have not tried it either, but the "Steinberg" was awesome.

      2. Other than Sonic -- and theirs isn't very good -- I've never seen it on any menus up here. And it certainly shouldn't ever come in burrito form.

        But if you've got a good chili recipe, it's simple enough to make at home. You want truly authentic, lay in some mini bags of Fritos and some sporks and eat it standing up outside.

        1. Love it.

          Other than Cowgirls in NYC, I make it myself. My chili is killer

          I've never seen it here, to be honest.

          1. Tupelo certainly has done a Frito pie and no burros harmed in the making of it. Since for whatever reason we got something else (86'd?) I can't comment on the deliciousness and not certain if its a permanent menu item, but their food is pretty solid overall.

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              Two of us split the Frito Pie at Tupelo tonight. Very tasty old school comfort food. The chili was really good.

              It wasn't on the menu, but they had all the ingredients and were happy to make it. Not sure if that's always the case. It's definitely worth asking if they can make it.