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Jul 5, 2012 03:34 PM

Recs for fun Sibling Night Out?

Hi Chowhounders,

My brother (Boulder, CO) and I (NYC) will coincidentally be in San Francisco at the same time next week. I'd love some recs for places for dinner.

Here are our specifications:
--Funnish vibe (we're in our 30s, thus the "ish").
--Not a romantic date place
--Moderately priced for SF. I'm paying, but I don't want him to feel weird about too fancy-pants a place.
--Something that has a little bit of a cool factor
--No sushi

I'm staying near the Ferry Building and he'll be staying in the South of Market district. We're open to traveling too.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance--chowhound always steers me right!

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  1. Take a look at Marlowe on Townsend St. You can take the muni to the CalTrain stop and it's just a block away. If it's Friday or Saturday night be sure to go after the Giants games start.

    1. What about the Perry's on Steuart -- it's pretty close by. But haven't been to this branch... or any, since ...

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      1. re: Sarah

        If this is the perry's I'm thinking about, I wouldn't call it coolish.

        I think the best answer to this question is the Eater 38 list.

        BUT NOT
        La Taqueria
        La Torta Gorda
        maybe Outerlands
        Zuni cafe
        (simply because it's out of your spec


        All other places are mid-priced, hip good food. If you'd like a more specific answer, give some more constraints....

      2. In SOMA, Bar Agricole is excellent but could be on the upper end of your price range if you consume a lot. I say head to the Mission (like LES) because there's something for everyone. I had a great meal at Locanda the other week and they're open late (well 11p-12m is late here). Tons of other choices if Italian is not your fave plus great people watching. It's a $5-10 cab ride.

        1. I'd hang out at the bar at Gitane; great drinks and fabulous food or shared small plates in a really cool atmosphere (and practically walking distance for you).

          1. How about Limon in the Mission. It's Peruvian. A favorite among the cool and wish-they-were-cool Mission denizens; it's brassy, lively, and "funnish" (even plain fun), good ceviche, sangria, etc.