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Jul 5, 2012 02:11 PM

Whats your favorite ethnic restaurant in dfw?

I love trying different cuisines from around the world and I noticed that DFW has A LOT to offer. I notice that I find the "mom and pop" places to be the best for taste and home style meals.

A few of my favorite that I know about are:

1.) My Lan- (Haltom city, Vietnamese food), Really good pho, egg rolls, grilled pork vermicelli bowls at a very reasonable price. Oh and the srping rolls are really good with the sauce they serve them with.

2.) San Luis taqueria- (Fort Worth, Mexican tacos, tortas, and gorditas) Go there for their tacos al pastor. They cook the meat the traditional way on the vertical roaster with a pineapple slices on top. They also have REALLY good charro beans and homemade chips and salsa. Auga frescas and gorditas are good also.

3.) Sana Indian Restaurant- (NRH, Indian food/grocery) Ok so I've tried indian food ALL over the metroplex (especially in irving and north of dallas) and I have never tried better chicken curry, yellow daal, naan and briyana. It's seriously the best I've had. Its a little hole in the wall (and very hard to see) indian grocery/restaurant, with everything you need to make a indian meal yourself. They also sell fresh hala meats (fish, beef, lamb, goat and chicken). Get the "sana special": chicken curry, yellow daal and naan or rice. It's a must.

4.) Cuco's Sandwich Shop- ( NRH cuban food/sandwiches) This small Pink building is a must for a good pressed cuban sandwich. They roast the pork in house and it is delicious. Order a side of the fried sweet plantains (the best I ever had) and your in heaven! They have other pressed sandwiches, full breakfast menu, "build your plate" daily specials. Give it a try.


Now I'm pretty new to the DFW area so I don't know too many places, but the ones I listed are all good eats.

This is where I need your suggestions please. I love all kinds of food and love to try new mom and pop / hole in the wall restaurants. I'm always all over DFW so please feel free to list any places you know of.

So whats your favorite?

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  1. How could I say anyplace other than, First Chinese BBQ.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      I will have to check them out very soon.

      What are a few dishes you would recommend?

      1. re: ChefJM

        I love their won-ton soup and roast duck. Ask for the duck dry without sauce! Soooo much better! I also love their crispy oyster in green onion, clams in green onion sauce, crispy fried thin pork chops, orange beef, Shrimps with crispy noodle. Oh hell, I could go on forever. Have a look at their menu....
        They have many locations including one in Austin but their original restaurant on Greenville Avenue is still the best! And remember, no credit cards! CASH ONLY!
        Although, Austin does accept credit cards.

        1. re: twinwillow

          Man that place does sound really good. I'll defiantly try what you recommended, it all sounds fantastic I've never have had chinese roasted duck but always wanted to try it. Cash only, got it! Thanks for the reply.

          Anyone else got a favorite?

          1. re: ChefJM

            Their address: 111 South Greenville Avenue at Polk Street in Richardson.

      2. re: twinwillow

        twinwillow, I know you have another restaurant or two up your sleeve!! hehe :)

        1. re: ChefJM

          I do. We love the Indian food at Cafe Mughlai on Alpha Road. Aside from ordering off the menu, their lunch buffet is fabulous. Especially, their Sunday brunch buffet. This is a first class Indian restaurant!

          1. re: twinwillow

            From a google search I think that is the NICEST Indian restaurant I've seen haha. I love indian/paki breakfast. I have a friend who is from Pakistan he cooks some of the best Paki food I have ever tried, including breakfast. One of my favorite breakfast items is the orange sweet rice with yellow daal on top. Its the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

            I'll defiantly check out the lunch buffet and even the brunch if I can one day. Thank you kind sir!

        2. There's already been plenty of lengthy discussions on this board too. You'll see the same names over and over as it hasn't really changed much over the years (minus a few places that have closed). Just a quick 30 second search yielded these... and just ask about which ones sound intriguing.

          1. FYI -

            My Lan also has a new location in Garland.

            From what I understand, the owners are related to the owners of La Me which is one of my favorite Vietnamese places to eat. The Yelp listing says Richardson, but it's actually Dallas.

            1. Never been to My Lan in Haltom City but I can point you over to Jasmine Thai. Ask for the Sai Krok or Issan Sausage they make there...excellent.

              I will have to agree with you on Cuco's that place is crazy good for their Cuban food, might not be authentic according to patrons from Tampa or Miami but it is the best in the metroplex that I have had.

              I have been to a few San Luis taquerias but I guess I have struck out each time. Will give them another shot.

              Sana is fighting words on the best biryani and butter chicken. I really like the butter chicken at Samosa Hut in Irving. The samosas are excellent also. Do not get the naan or even eat at Samosa Hut...terrible.

              Best biryani that I have had is at Aslam on Story Road next to FunAsia Theater in Irving.....only get the biryani though everything else is sub par.

              Best Lebanese that is not crowded with DDD Fans....Fadia's Deli in Richardson on Campbell. Get the breads....all or any of them and the falafel sandwich. Don't miss the baklava as it now outshines Afrah. Ask for the house made thoum (garlic spread) as you will want a tub to take home and put on just about everything and the Greek yoghurt.

              Lal-Quila in Carrollton on Old Denton in front of Super H Mart go for four things, Sabri Nihari (spicy braised beef roast in gravy), Haleem (national dish of Pakistan), Charga (Pakistani KFC) and the Naan.

              Al Markaz in Carrollton is fun just for the atmosphere on a late weekend night. Best dishes are the Chicken Khat-aKat (spicy ground chicken in a almost dry tomato based gravy), Frontier Chicken (get the bone in for more flavor), Karachi Chicken (same as on the lunch menu) and the naan. Most dishes are going to be greasy for American standards but the Pakistani's love this as it is a mark of eating "out".

              Apna Grill on Old Denton adn Rosemeade in Carrollton - If you want a cheap alternative, get the Chicken or Beef Kabob Roll, Keema Samosa, Shami Kabob (Chickpea and ground beef), Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) and naan (thinner and cheaper)

              Those are the places that aren't covered in the posts I commented that Air posted

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              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                @ Twinwillow thanks. I will make sure that I try the original location first. I cant wait to try the duck (with no sauce!).

                @Webra, The only bad thing I have to say about My Lan is that they don't have the fresh crusty on the outside but soft on the inside bread to serve a good bahn mai sandwich!!! I just love their grilled pork and think it would be so good on one.

                @LewisvilleHounder, awesome awesome advice here thank you! I was secretly hoping you would reply to my post haha. I have to say I only eat at the San Luis on 28th st in fort worth as I think it is the most consistent in quality. I've tried the one in Dallas off of NW HWY and it fell a little short of the one I usually go to. Their horchata agua fresca is pretty damn good there, if its not watered down like I've had it a couple times there. Perfect for their spicy green salsa. Could you assist me in any other good "mom and pop / hole in the wall" places with in Fort Worth, NRH, HEB areas?

                Thank you all for your kind information, much appreciated!

                1. re: ChefJM

                  First wanted to correct this: Do not get the naan or even eat at Samosa Hut...terrible. You can definitely eat at Samosa Hut as it has a very modern and comfortable atmosphere being in a strip center in Irving. The music there is also nice as they have some contemporary Bollywood hits playing, not the deep well cat-dying oldies they play on the radio. I meant to say do not order the naan or even eat it if it comes free with the eat the biryani rice as it is perfect there every time.

                  I am really trying to focus on FW, NRH or HEB but west Grand Prairie and Central Arlington is not that bad.

                  Thai Orchid is the place I was referring to in Haltom City. I would say call ahead and ask for any off menu or Issan dishes they might have.


                  Might be a bit of a haul but I know a Nigerian for work who goes to Kemi's in Grand Priarie. Kemi’s Kitchen –

                  Shojimoto is a Filipino restaurant disguised as a gelateria in Arlington right down from UTA. Go only on the weekend and get the Pansit palabok, you will thank me. If you like gelato it is not a bad place either. I also believe they have halo halo (filipino dessert) with some of their gelato.

                  Not sure if you have been but Nona Tata (Italian) in FW on Magnolia is awesome for both dessert and simple mains.....remember keep it simple on the mains (i.e. Lemon Chicken with Capers). Dessert choice is chocolate mousse.

                  The is a taqueria/tortilleria that is in far west FW on Camp Bowie past the ciricle. I believe it is just past Cherry Ln. The name of it is Tortilleria La Orginal. The menudo with fresh corn tortillas was awesome. I believe you can opt for just pozole too. I can't quite remember which tacos were good but on a fresh tortillas they can't be all that bad.

                  On google there is a small taqueria on Main and Long in FW called Jalisco. I went about a year or so ago and it was called Panaderia Y Cafe El Progreso. If I remember correctly they had a blend of Guetemalan dishes, Mexican and for some strange reason Mediterranean. The tacos were pretty dang tasty there from what I remember. Puerco en Adobo and the Pescado tacos were my favorite.

                  If she is still in business give this one a shot: Cinnamon rolls from Mrs. Gails Kitchen (Gail Wynn) in Euless. A cook in the HEB ISD but also an entrepeneur due to the help of Lucy Billingsley and The Plan Fund (a part of the Grameen Foundation). Home made cinnamon rolls are the best but helping a lady in need to achieve her passion is even better.

                  Mrs Gail's Kitchen - She is located in Euless and selling her cinnamon rolls for $14 for 20. She has a delivery option but you must order 2 orders and a $10 delivery fee. If you would like to order some of her cinnamon rolls she can be reached at


                  Everything German in Bedford is another place I really liked. Is it as refined as say Jorg's in Plano no, but you can get the sampler platter for two (bring a friend) and you will still have left overs. I think it is still BYOB so stop by Hall's in Grapevine/Colleyville and see Fern for a good German beer recommendation. I really like the potato soup there but juts about everything I had would warrant another trip.

                  Sometimes you really luck out with the Groupon deals as I did with Los Jimadores. The tex-mex there seems to be taken a bit more seriously and with pride. I had the veggie enchiladas and really enjoyed them. The margarita was solid, chips and salsa and even black bean dip.


                  I will have to dig up some of the Laotian that is in Haltom City that I might have to try real soon before I recommend it.

                  1. re: ChefJM


                    La Me has the Banh Mi you are looking for.

                    I went to the Garland location of My Lan with the family this past Sunday because La Me was too packed. It was excellent. The vermicelli bowls here are better than at La Me. More herbs, more meat, less noodles. Crispier THK shrimp.

                2. 1 Tei-An (Japanese soba noodle, Dallas)
                  2 La Me (Vietnamese, Dallas near Garland)
                  3 Mr. Max (Japanese, Irving)
                  4 Jasmine Thai (Plano)
                  5 Little Sichuan (Plano)

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                  1. re: luniz

                    Game,set,match Luniz! All Asian cuisine but I would have to agree.

                    1. re: luniz

                      Mr. Max? Just curious, what do you order there? I've heard mixed reviews about that place, but never been.

                      1. re: Webra1

                        The curry rice, any of the ramen or fish plates, whatever they have as a special. It's all authentic Japanese home cooking type stuff.

                        1. re: luniz

                          completely agree - it's all been good, particularly the katsu curry. Haven't tried sushi there... not sure I will.