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Jul 5, 2012 02:04 PM

Le Comptoir or Les 3 petits bouchons?

i come to montreal nearly 2x a year lately from nyc. i was here just a month ago for a bachelor party and now i find myself in town again in montreal for 1 night with my girlfriend after a wedding in vermont.

we've been to joe beef, garde manger, apdc, chasse et peche, and l'express. i was actually looking forward to eating in joe beef's garden (and ordering properly) but alas, they arent open on sundays.

im caught between comptoir and les 3 petits bouchons. i love the montreal style of food but felt that apdc was a bit much and too heavy to enjoy.

can someone steer me to one over the over? what are must-have dishes at both?


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  1. IMO, The big difference between the 2, is Le Comptoir serve "small plates" with and very good charcuterie plate; but they have 1 large dish, a huge pork chop for 2 (or more) persons. I like the charcuterie plate for a quick in'n'out diner, the roasted squash is good, the macquerel was nice.

    Les 3 Petits bouchon serve "normal' plates, with, as far as I remember, some large dish to share; so it might be a more substantial meal; but it has been 1 year since I've been there, and I cannot really remmember what I ate, except I liked it (there was some bone marrow, which I always like)

    Le Comptoir has a counter overlooking the kitchen which is fun when the place is full and the kitchen is on a roll.

    Both have very good wine lists.

    1. Le Comptoir Just went two weeks ago-- outstanding! Get the charcuterie. Oddly enough, the cauliflower dish was amazing. Actually, it was all great.