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Jul 5, 2012 01:54 PM

Silly Diet Coke question

I seldom drink soft drinks but I like to have some on hand for friends who enjoy them.

I put a plastic bottle of diet coke in the fridge for friends the other day. They opted for other beverage options and the soda was never opened.

Can I bring it back to room temperature and store in my pantry? Or will that compromise the product? (I'm thinking about how beer shouldn't be stored at room temp. if it has been chilled - or maybe that's an old wives tale?)

Thanks - real estate in my fridge is hard to find so I'd just as soon not store the bottle there for months!

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  1. Don't think I'd worry about it; store it where you can. It's made for room temp storage, and the flavor is so industrially strong it can never, short of being opened, be compromised.

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    1. re: bob96

      The sweetener will break down in a couple of years at room temp, so it's not immortal. As noted below, dark and cool helps.

    2. A dark and relatively cool place should be fine for that soda, like, as you said, your pantry.

      1. Bottled sodas do lose fizz over time and repeated heating/cooling may compromise the seal further, but it will affect fizz only, not taste.

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          Time does affect the taste, as well as the fizz. I drink DC regularly, and buy the 2L bottles as they are more economical. Once in a while I find I've placed new ones in front of the others...and I'll open one that has gone "off". I don't think it takes much more than a month and I can tell the difference.

        2. Thanks to all of you! I just hate wasting "food" and would rather give it to a neighbor than have it go bad. Back to the pantry then!

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            Ask yourself how long, honestly, would you even have a Diet Coke in storage?

            1. re: bob96

              Actually, for me it could be a year. I only know a couple of people who drink it and because of distance we only see each other twice a year! I find the stuff nasty as hell personally.

              Same with Dr. Pepper. My sister is the only one I know who drinks it, she is only able to visit every other year. I now send her home with whatever is left (she prefers cans).

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                Ugh. I'd never keep a bottle that would taste awful.

          2. I "lost" a 6-pack of decaf diet Pepsi in my garage for SEVERAL years. When it surfaced, I chilled and opened a can. Not only was it flat, but it was colorless and tasted metallically bitter. It pains me to waste food but this was unpotable and I took comfort in knowing that it was the ultimate non-food anyway.

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            1. re: greygarious

              I don't think that this story is at all about wasting food, which decaf diet Pepsi certainly isn't.

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                We just had a similar experience - we resurrected a lost case of coke zero visiting relatives in Canada - we figured out it was almost exactly three years old from a previous time we visited. Oh, yuuck. It had that weird "metallic bitterness" you describe - like something had degraded. But then we opened another can from another pack that was *only* 6 months old and it was just fine.

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                  Yeah, I was going to say it's not a total waste because you could pour it into the toilet bowl to clean it. But maybe not, if it was flat. I'm not sure if it's the carbonation+chemicals that clean the bowl, or just the chemicals. Hmm.