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Jul 5, 2012 01:53 PM

Visiting expat ... what have I missed?

Moved to NYC 15 years ago, returning for one night. Looking for some of that new Boston I keep hearing about. Can be in Cambridge, South End, I don't care, I'm just looking for something that's not Davios, Olives, Stephanie's, Sonsie which were hot when I was there.

- no budget requirement, can be cheap eats, can be haute
- no white table cloth
- only requirement is that it's new and good.
- no specific type of food

Our NYC faves are Prune, Otto, Little Owl, A Voce, Freemans, Cafe Gitane. Casual spots.

Any suggestions would help, even it's a point to an existing thread.

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  1. If you only have one night, look up Craigie on Main, Island Creek Oyster Bar, Neptune Oyster, T.W. Food. Do a search, draw your conclusion. Enjoy!

    1. short: lots of new places in south end and kendall. Oleana in Inman outskirts as well as Bergamot and Bondir. Can't remember where Oleana chef Ana Sortun was 15 years ago, but it may have been Casablanca.

      1. Bondir & Craigie on this side of the river. Toro & Coppa on the other.

        1. hi jim, you lucky NYC CH you! If I were thinking about NYC's strengths vis a vis ours, I would not hesitate to send you to Oleana in Cambridge, somewhat near Kendall(which you would not recognize; same w/ new Seaport area). Ana Sortun has been hitting it out of the park with her very unique (for the U.S.) Turkish/Moroccan/Mediterranean menu.

          A pretty new and major CH fave is Strip T's in Watertown; chef is a former Momofuku head chef , with his own special moves, but maybe you might not want that.

          Other suggestions for menus and threads to peruse:

          Erbaluce- unusual inventive No.Italian Piedmontese

          Craigie on Main- famous for offal but also seafood

          OYa- v.v.expensive Japanese American inventive

          Neptune Oyster- crowded tiny always a line, top quality inventive seafood along w/ trad.

          Island Creek Oyster Bar- the BEST service, large room but intimate, more trad but some inventive>> Lobter Roe Noodles w/Oxtail,Chanterelles and Madeira demi; Biscuit; Scallops, Oysters.

          Hope you have a great meal.

          1. Thanks everyone, made a resy at Cragie on Main.

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              In the same neighborhood check out Green Street or Brick and Mortar before or after Craigie for great cocktails(Green Street also has a good beer list). Although the bartenders at Craigie are great with cocktails as well.

              1. re: jimnorton

                jim, make sure to get ice cream at Toscanini, next door. Terrific interesting flavors these days; many CHs fav ice cream in town.