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Jul 5, 2012 01:34 PM

Sunday dinner near Redondo Beach?

We're totally unfamiliar with Redondo Beach and we've been asked to select someplace for dinner on Sunday. What's terrific in this area? Prefer American, French or Italian cuisines.

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    1. MB Post in Manhattan Beach is wonderful. Great shared small plates including Charcuterie, Cheese and Larders; Vegetable dishes; Seafood dishes, Meat dishes, and house–made breads. You will not be disappointed.

      Also in Manhattan Beach is Petros for tasty upscale Greek and homemade deserts.
      For French there's Cafe Pierre.

      1. I would walk around Riviera Village in Redondo Beach and see what catches your fancy. Zazou is a French option ) or Chez Melange. Buono Sera is an Italian option . Sophie's Place for American.

        If you are willing to leave Redondo Beach and travel up to 20 minutes up or down Pacific Coast Highway, I think some options are Paul Martin's American Bistro (American Bistro - El Segundo), Houston's (American - Steaks and Ribs, Manhattan Beach), Tin Roof Bistro (American, Manhattan Beach), MB Post (Manhattan Beach), Mama D's (Italian-American), Gaetano's (Italian American), Aimee's (French), Oh La La (French)...

        I liked the two times I went to Petros, but you didn't mention you were looking for greek food. I've never been to this place in the Riviera Village called House of Pita but it looked interesting when I ducked in there to get a menu as they were making fresh pita bread....

        Most of these places above have websites and menus...