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Jul 5, 2012 01:32 PM

Red meat - really that scary?

I used to never eat red meat but started to eat very lean ground beef and the occasional filet at a restaurant mostly because of my new husband who eats the equivalent of what 3 people can eat and needs meat at every meal. If you've ever been to Chicago and ordered deep dish pizza, he has eaten half of a deep dish pizza meant to feed 5 people. He is not overweight at all (he's recently lost about 15 lbs because of this relentless heat we've been having) but fortunate to have one of those metabolisms plus he also has a very labor intensive job which makes him even hungrier.

Anyway because I never used it eat red meat I know absolutely NOTHING about it and it is starting to make daily home cooking difficult. Because of a family history of heart attacks and early deaths (ie in their 40s) I am afraid of making poor nutritional choices, yet don't want him to starve to death. He does not care for pork except for the occasional bacon and pepperoni. He is getting sick of chicken breasts and won't even look at ground turkey any more lol. He likes fish but only a day or so a week (I agree with this).


Is red meat REALLY as scary as it is made out to be?

What are the leanest cuts of meat/steaks?

What can you tell me about the different types of steaks out there?

What should I absolutely stay away from no matter what?

I'm completely uneducated about red-meat so please keep this in mind, I know nothin'!

Thanks for your help :)

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    1. I can't imagine that anyone "needs meat at every meal" and will assume it's hyperbole. That said, I would think most any food in moderation is not that scary unless your genes have a predilection for early heart attacks as in your family history.

      If you're going to serve a lot of red meat I would absolutely find meat that is 100% grass-fed. Also look to bison. For beef the leanest cuts are eye of round, top round and bottom round.

      You might want to expand his idea that only meat can fill him up. All kind of beans and legumes can be filling. There are good meat substitute products out there like TVP and seitan. My husband has a big appetite and is not overweight either, but we do just fine without any red meat or pork and extremely little chicken. We do have fish once or twice a week. Good luck!

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        I've been wondering why I've been seeing bison pop up lately. Really expensive but every once in a while not bad. Have not tried it yet.

        He does have this idea that only meat will fill him up and I've been trying to "cull" that idea but it's pretty ingrained in his head.

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        1. Folks, this is the Home Cooking board, so please focus on the types of cuts and how to cook them.

          1. Since I posted about this in the other thread, London broil is lower in fat. It can be served hot or cold, just slice against the grain, very thinly. I don't use a recipe but this one looks along the lines of something I'd do:


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              I forgot to add, if you're looking for low fat cuts, look for the words "round" or "loin." You'll get a huge discussion on fat which I want to stay away from so I'll stick w/ your question on which are the leanest. The key with any of the leaner cuts is not to overcook them, if anything cook them as little as you can. Cut thinly and against the grain. It can help to marinade them longer or pound them.

              If you want steak, sirloin is probably your leanest best. Pound and marinade. Cook rare if he'll eat it that way.