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Jul 5, 2012 12:47 PM

American or Italian Fare in NW Suburbs or maybe downtown

I'll be in the Chicago area next weeks with friends from California. Don't know if they like sushi, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, so I'd like to stick to plain good old American fare or possibly Italian, a nice restaurant, not a beef stand, not pizza, not hot dogs. We'll be staying in the Rosemont, Arlington Heights, Elk Grove, Shaumburg area but would venture into the city it it was worth the effort. Creative and inventive and moderately priced are preferred. Any suggestions for a travelor from Florida with visitors from Sacramento??

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  1. Since they're friends, can't you sound them out at least a little bit?
    I ask this because when I think of the area you're in, Asian restaurants come to mind; not so much "creative and inventive and moderately priced" American.
    Francesca's Tavola is a pretty good Italian restaurant on Arlington Heights Road.

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      Thanks for recommending Francesca's. I'll check that out.

      I did inquire further. I was told no Asian, no sushi, that Italian would be great. These are older folks and are pretty much steak and potatoes kind of folks!

      1. re: Booboo731

        Roger that. If your friends enjoy an old-school atmosphere, I would recommend a trip into the city to Sabatino's.
        A breakfast place worth getting to in Arlington Heights is Mr. Allison's. They're famous for their ham, but they have lots of other good stuff.