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Jul 5, 2012 11:49 AM

Anything NEW (I meal really new) in Bucks County?

I'm ready for something really new (and, hopefully, original) in Central Bucks county (we're talking New Hope-Doylestown and vicinity). Any price range. Any cuisine. Just has to be new and original.

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  1. KC Prime is the steakhouse on 611. Relatively new. Not significantly different that the Princeton branch. Not sure I would call it imaginative. Plumsteadville Inn reopened on the other end of 611. Food actually isn't that bad (how is that damning a place with faint praise.) I enjoyed the lamb shank there, though its not the first thing I would want to eat in this weather.

    Doylestown has been pretty stagnant. I avoid New Hope in the summer, for obvious reasons. You were at Brian's recently, and I enjoy it, during the week.

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      Is Brian's in the former No. 9 space?