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Jul 5, 2012 11:21 AM

Restaurant suggestion nearish to St Joes University

Headed to orientation for my son this weekend. Hubby and I have Friday night to do dinner. Staying at Crowne Plaza City Line Ave. Looking for suggestion for nice place for dinner? Don't mind going into downtown but if there is a great place closer to hotel that's a bonus. Looking for fun atmosphere and good food. Love all kinds of cuisine!

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  1. The TGI Fridays on City Ave by Monument road is very good You might even see Allen Iverson and his posse there.

    1. For chinese, one of the best restaurants is right around the corner at Chun Hing --4160 Monument Road (215) 879-6270. Good food but not much atmosphere. There's also Chops, which is a very nice steakhouse within walking distance.

      If you don't mind chains, TGI Fridays is literally outside the hotel, and Joe's Crab Shack is across the street. Chili's is down the street at the shopping center.

      1. Pescatore is a very good fish restaurant in Bala Cynwyd (byob). Bala Cynwyd is on the other side of City Line, not far from your hotel.

        1. do not go to that TGIFridays --they can get a rough crowd there. if you have a GPS --go 4 miles to teh suburb side to ardmore, there is Primavera -Italian,
          Hummus -Israeli falalfel, Sam's Grill -hamburgers and sandwiches and Auspicious - Chinese

          1. There is a very new Indian restaurant called Jazmin, very close to the St. Joe's campus. It is at 2013 N. 63rd Street. It is low key, and there may not be any other customers when you go, but the food is really tasty. It is BYOB, and there is a beer store deli just up the block. For a fancier dining experience, La Collina is classic Italian tucked away in Belmont Hills (up a hill, but very close to City Avenue). I also like Al Dar (Mediterranean) on Montgomery Avenue.