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Jul 5, 2012 10:43 AM

New England Clam Chowder: To Corn or not to Corn?

Is it sacrilege to add corn/sub for potatoes? Any thoughts on one way or the other?

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  1. Yes, sacrilege. And I'm not even a native New Englander. Chowder of any sort needs potatoes.
    Corn chowder, and chicken corn chowder, are excellent in their own right. If you are determined to use clams and corn together, it would be better to include potato. So, essentially, just add corn to a typical clam chowder recipe.

    1. Another not-from-New-Englander, but I say sacrilege to omit the potatoes. I'm not "upset" by the idea of the corn, but I think it will make the chowder too sweet if the potato is omitted.

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      1. If I had great corn available... would probably add it and risk being struct by lightning!! Wouldn't skip the potatoes, though. Only time I've ever been in New England was on ski vacation, so have no idea where on the "heretic" scale I would fall. Might really be risking WRATH when I say my preference of New Englan or Manhattan... is a toss up!?! But I like bacon in both.

        1. New Englander here and I say add the corn, but keep the potatoes. My favorite chowder ever ditched the clams for lobster and chorizo with potatoes/fresh corn. But then how bad can anything be when it includes lobster?

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            I think I know what I'm making for supper....

          2. In New England as I post this and been many many times but not from NE.
            Just my thought on the question, please no corn in clam chowder. If you must do corn in a chowder make corn chowder, also delicious.
            Some use a rue to thicken their ClamC so if you want a corn flavor (if even just a tiny bit of it) maybe use corn flour. Sounds like you don't want the taters but do want corn.