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Jul 5, 2012 10:07 AM

our proposed restaurant itinerary for August

This is what we have booked:

Friday - lunch – Spring

Friday– dinner – Dans Les Landes or Le Galopin

Saturday – lunch - Breizh Café – (no res)

Saturday – dinner – Guy Savoy

Sunday – lunch - Café des Musees

Sunday – dinner – Drouant or Les Fins Gueles

Monday – lunch -Les Jalles or Au Comptoir du Relais (can’t reserve for lunch)

Monday dinner – Gaya

Any comments, especially for meals where we have 2 options? thinking about scrapping both Drouant and LFG for Sunday dinner and booking Terroir Parisien...

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  1. Was at Le Galopin last week, they have made the seating area larger by removing a large section of bar. It was very, very hot, very, very noisy and food was undistinguished.

    As has been said many times on this board two meals a day is very unproductive unless you have the metabolism of a locust.

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      thanks for the feedback. I may go with DLL for Friday night then. As for all the meals, we are pretty big eaters and prepared to go and eat. Hopefully all the walking will help a bit.