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Jul 5, 2012 09:13 AM

Spanish Potato Grill in Brick

Anyone been here or hear anything about this place. Was over a friends house in Bricktown yesterday and he said that there were some very good reports from his friends.

Always good to have a new place in Monmouth - Ocean County, especially a Spanish-Portuguese restaurant in that area. Hope it is good, here is some info.

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  1. I too was hoping it would be good, but sadly not the case. Yes the bread was good but that's about it. Service was friendly and polite. I had the the Mariscada which had 2 scallops
    10 or 12 bait size shrimp [probably u40s] that were cooked way to long, some frozen mussels, some clams and a half a lobster in a totally bland sauce. Yuk! Wife had the Baccala Spiecal which wasn't bad after getting rid of the bones, still that certain flavor that u expect from Portuguese food was missing. Back to Newark.

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      Thru the years every restaurant in that space has failed....and there has been quite a few...sorry to hear about your experience there...

    2. Have heard one report from a couple that dined there a few months ago. It was not favorable. Food was not enjoyed.