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Jul 5, 2012 08:26 AM

A. Kitchen/rouge

first visit to a kitchen and was really looking forward to it. We love a tapas style restaurant and accept that eating it often means you wind up spending a lot more money in relation to the amount of food you get. But find that is usually well balanced by the wonderful, intense and unusual flavors of the food. Not so at A. Kitchen, in my opinion.
Started with mushroom risotto and fluke and Frits. Plus a glass of rose and a drink. Portions were smallish, ok, not great for $13, but not terrible. Unfortunately, that describes the food also. Just ok. Not bad but so very so-so. Nothing at all special, just very average. Very average.

We were completely unmotivated to order anything else so paid and left. Walked down the block to Rouge where we had a surprisingly great part two of our meal. Waitress was awesome. Drinks were terrific, place was fun and buzzing and what we ate was terrific. Hub had 4 oysters, shared mussels - huge portion, and so good, and tuna appetizer. Same price for tuna app as a kitchen but really nice size and delicious. Would go back in a minute. Delicious.

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  1. l am one of a few who like Rouge on this board. Their burger is my fav in the area and their iced coffee, for some reason, is spectacular, had 5 glasses last time in.

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      I also like Rouge a lot. In my opinion, the only reason it lost luster in reputation was because the nightlife scene had become cheesey. But the food (and the burger) have always been great.

      But I have to day - I love A.Kitchen! I'm sorry that CSS had a mediocre experience.

      1. re: evansaunt

        On the strength of css's review I looked at the Rouge menu for the first time in years (usually only think of it for a burger.) I was actually really impressed with the cheese selection there, as well as with the daily specials. But I agree wtih evansaunt... its the "scene" that I don't want. I want good food... skip the beautiful people.

        Re I think does good to great food, and a lot of it is subtle. Its not going to wow you.