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Jul 5, 2012 07:50 AM

Bradley Beach Lobster Festival

July 14 & 15

5th & Ocean Avenue, Bradley Beach
Info: 732-897-1111

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    1. All the talk on the other thread about how cheap lobster is has given me a bit of a hankering for some sweet lobster meat drowned in butter. I think I might have to stop on down in Bradley Beach this weekend!! Thanks for the heads up!!

      1. Heading there today, will report back if it is worth it, Hope I can find parking!

        1. Did manage to get there today, nothing I had was worth mentioning. Some of the lines were real long for food. I did notice grilled Lobster tail for $15, small and over priced and $10 for a whole steamed lobster, that was probably the best reasonable deal.

          Red Hook Lobster truck was there, I have had their lobster BLT in the past, that is probably the best thing at the festival.

          Had more fun on the beach!

          1. Just returned it was a nice day to be by/on the beach. It was pretty crowded The Lusty Lobster was advertising $10. whole steamed lobsters but they were "sold out" by 3pm. I did get some roasted clams and fresh shucked oysters. Clams were good oysters were excellent nice plump and fresh. I think they were $6 and $8 but I'm not sure. It was then a short walk past the live music (excellent Johnny Cash cover band) to the Mr. Shrimp tent. They had whole lobster with an ear of corn for $13. I went for the Ultimate Seafood Combo for $21. this included 1.5lb whole steamed lobster, corn on cob, 6 true jumbo peel eat shrimp and 6 roasted clams. All in all well worth the money but difficult to enjoy without proper utensils on a crowded park bench.

            Although the "lobster fest" those were the only two stands I noticed offering whole lobsters. Plenty of lobster rolls and salads and a wide variety of non-seafood related selections including Texas BBQ. If your looking to kill a couple hours by the beach drop suggestion bring some folding chairs set up a "home base" and enjoy some quality time at the Jersey Shore!