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Jul 5, 2012 07:35 AM

Light lunch in Jackson Heights?

Hello Hounds,

It's so hot. I've got a friend coming to visit me in Jackson Heights... can anyone recommend a place for a light lunch? She doesn't eat sushi, so that's ruled out. Indian sounds so heavy...

Many thanks!

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  1. Go in merit kebab. Right next to the subway. Walk to the back of the restaurant, and there is a Tibetan restaurant with wonderful cold items in the glass case. You can combine 2 on a plate for $6. Spectacular flavors, the tripe and to gue are a must

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      Thai Son serves up some nice, but far from spectacular, Vietnamese dishes, also just steps from the 74th street main entrance.

      and himalayan yak, a little bit west on roosevelt, offers a lot of options to put together a little meal from smaller, lighter dishes, some of them vegetarian. it's a nice atmosphere as well, which might be conducive to lunching with someone coming in from afar (even if 'afar' means somewhere near 57th street).