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Jul 5, 2012 07:15 AM

"Blogs" widget is mildly annoying


The "blogs" widget at the bottom of the screen is mostly useless. The top link right now is "Chinatown Updates." But which Chinatown? This one happens to be for New York, and I don't really care to read a New York Chinatown update.

Possible to make it so that the widget will show only posts from blogs that users are interested in? Some kind of configuration checkbox would be ideal. This way I can see the content I want, and not have to check content to see whether I'm interested.

Alternatively, put some kind of indicator next to the links so that users can quickly tell which city/topic the blog pertains to.


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  1. That widget is a challenge, for sure! Since Best of Chowhound highlights threads from six boards (four of them regional), the content in that widget won't always appeal to a national readership. We're trying to use location-specific headlines for those posts (I went back and added "NY" in front of "Chinatown"--thanks for pointing it out!), though that's sometimes not possible. Please bear with us!

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      Thanks -- putting the city name in the subject is definitely helping. But I'm probably still missing content that I'd like to see, since it gets pushed out by content from other areas.

      (Or maybe not, since I happen to check this site way more often than is probably beneficial for my personal health or career. But what if the power goes out at my house, and all sorts of stuff happens while I'm sitting there watching a candle slowly melt and wondering how people coped before the invention of the iPad?)