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Jul 5, 2012 07:06 AM

Best of Garden City, LI?

My son will be attending Adelphi this fall, and we'll be down next week for early orientation.

So, here's what I need to know:

1) Best deli?
2) Best bagels?
3) Best sushi?
4) Best Chinese?
5) Must Must try!?

Our current benchmark is Montreal (we live in Vermont), but my roots are in the five boroughs.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Grimaldi's is a must try. Great pizza with a nice, thin, crispy crust. Nice and casual atmosphere.

    For sushi I really like Mumon.

    1. Bagels: in Manhattan, Ess-a-bagel. On Long Island, Bagelman on Long Beach Rd, Rockville Centre. A&S bagels @ is better than average - I like the cheddar; the french toast was... different. I don't want to sound like they are scraping the shekel, but they do a really thin schmear of cream cheese. Close to Adelphi + open 24hrs.

      Chinese: I suppose PF Chang's in Westbury - only because of the lamb dishes.

      Pizza: Grimaldi's in Garden City is above average (but I wouldn't rave about it); for wafer thin crust: - borders on being a dive.

      Thai: is in a league all its own on LI.

      Carribean food (jerk chicken or pork + rice with pigeon peas) it's definitely Tropical Jerk in Uniondale (Front Street & Fenimore) also in Baldwin (Grand Ave between N William & Grand Terrace). Dive alert.


      Greek: homely but tasty.

      Hummus, felafel & Israeli shawarma - Dive alert.

      Matzoh ball soup/Jewish deli: it's not spectacular but decent enough @ in Carle Place; marginally better than

      pickles: the cajun & the full garlic are great. Its in Western Beef supermarket straight thru to nearly the back. Note the limited hours; cash only.

      cheesecake: The Cheesecake Factory in Westbury (virtually next door to PF Changs


      Note: most of these aren't in Garden City, but a 10 minute drive to neighboring villages - its one giant suburb of NYC.

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        Thanks. Great info, *all* will be checked out in the coming months.

      2. 1) Caper's catering and deli in westbury on old country road is very good. So is garden Gourmet. For excellant Panini sandwiches there is La Bottega in carle place.

        4) Chinese- Mr. Chen's off of glen cove road is the best for takeout chinese. Asian moon for more of a restaurant chinese.

        Not sure about must try's but some other spots worth checking out: Greek corner, Novita, Waterzooi(great muscles and beers), sripraphai (must try Thai)