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Jul 5, 2012 06:55 AM

What to do with ghost pepper mustard?

After touring the National Mustard Museum in Madison, WI (yep there really is one), I bought some Jolokia mustard made with ghost peppers (Cajohns Fiery Foods, OH) to give to my son who loves all things hot.

However, before I do so, I'd like some rec's for dishes that would truly benefit from this product. This mustard is HOT! So hot, that after I ingested a tiny pin drop taste my mouth was on serious fire. This stuff is potent, and here I have a 9 ounce bottle of it. Although I am giving it to my son, I was thinking I might use some too for something. Not deviled eggs though.

Other than just swapping it with regular mustard, does anyone have any tried and true recipes made with ultra hot ghost pepper mustard that you like?



A lot of yellow stuff at The National Mustard Museum
The Jolokia and other mustards I sampled
Mustard Scream, which is what you do when you sample the Jolokia

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  1. Grilled cheese. I haven't bought ghost pepper mustard though I do use ghost peppers. I love mustard on grilled cheese though and this might be a great application for this. The firey, cheesy and carby all work so well together.

    1. I think I'm having sympathy mouth-on-fire, Trish! :D

      I've never had that particular kind of mustard, but I've had some VERY spicy ones, and I think the heat means they're a natural with grilled or roasted pork -- a spoonful in a marinade or barbecue sauce for SEVERAL portions might be just the ticket for nice spicy dinner. In fact, I once got rid of a good amount of WAY too hot mustard just that way, rubbing it all over a big pork loin roast and grilling/smoking it. Spread out over the whole roast (with salt and, IIRC, the juice of a couple of oranges?) it added a zing without being painful to eat!

      Now I'm thinking of an evil spiral-sliced ham with lots of brown sugar and a dab of that mustard in the glaze. Sweet and REALLY hot? Yum.

      1. We love smearing a whole spatchcocked chicken with mustard before grilling. I have a very fiery "Inner Beauty" sauce that seems to mellow just a bit when grilled. Of course, that sauce has some fruit as well so mixing your mustard with a bit of mango purée might help.