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Jul 5, 2012 05:43 AM

Cheap lobster rolls?

I've seen a few news stories of late about the "glut" of Maine lobster and how "lobster rolls are cheaper than bologna sandwiches" (ie, the price of lobster, per pound, is less than bologna right now).

Has anyone seen unusually cheap lobster rolls popping up in the area? Or is this just news hype?

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  1. I have yet to see lobster prices hit last years lows, so I'm not sure about the glut situation. I had a great lobster roll at Belle Isle last week, it was 18.99 and worth every penny, just loaded with huge chunks, including whole tail meat.

    1. is this the chowhound food oxymoron thread?

      1. I spent the last week up in Maine, and the prices haven't moved down there. They're still in the usual $15-$18 range that I always see when I'm there.

        1. bob lobster up by plum island-11.49 :) didnt stop and now im regretting it.

          1. "lobster rolls are cheaper than bologna sandwiches"? Only in my dreams.

            This article described an unusual phenomenon this year. It may or may not mean a glut or low prices as we had seen in the past couple of years.


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              alive and kicking, cambridge, 14.00 bucks

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                You can get a similar lobster sandwich for $10 from what was the Seafood Depot in West Medford (changed names), $11 with chips. Not too much filler. However, I do think they may have moved to using frozen lobster as of my last order (last winter). Courthouse Seafood is in the same range as Alive 'n Kicking, fresh no filler with fries, but they are currently on vacation. Charlie's Kitchen double lobster roll with a lot of filler and is probably the bargain choice outside fast food restaurants and it looks like there currently are certificates available (it usually sells out fast) so that would drop the price even more.

              2. re: eatntell

                It seemed a little silly to me, too, but I was intrigued enough to see whether it was hyperbole :)