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Jul 4, 2012 06:50 PM

Yuen Kee (Rice noodle shop) RIP? [San Francisco]

This morning prior to a family picnic I arrived in Chinatown early to purchase sheets of freshly made rice noodle (fun) to make rice rolls for the family and to my saddest I found the store front paper over. IN the recent months we lost Golden Mountain, Hing Lung and Sam Wo. Have we lost another. I will have to find a new source. Since it was early and a holiday I not able to find out what happened.

Hope to find out sometime soon.

I did ask my cousin who was my source for Chinatown information but he was at a lost. But I am sure he will find out. I just hope that they are just updating but it does not look good.

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  1. I just searched the City's restaurant inspection database both by name and by address and Yong Kee does not pop up. Looks like it's a goner.

    The website is still functional. The phone number has not been disconnected, 415.986.3759. Maybe someone will answer if you call tomorrow. And here's the email address, .

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      My cousin will visit it within the extra few days and quiz the workman if any are present. Or I maybe up in a few days.

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        The neighboring shopkeepers probably know the story.

    2. I'm very confused, as I thought they had closed over a year ago. Maybe they were just on vacation at that time. I hope that is the case again. Here I've been missing out on those big chicken buns this whole time.

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          Well asking both of Chinatown sources here is what they had to say. I old owner sold the business to his employees a while ago. But he still work there. My cousin said it is a remodel and update of the shop so hopefully they will be back soon. But no date of reopening as of yet.

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            Fingers crossed for a re-opening! As I mentioned the website and phone still work, so seems like it's not out of business. Thanks for the info.

        2. Went by today and the remodeled Yong Kee was being readied for re-opening tomorrow as -- Wong Lee? At least that's what the name on the courtesy floral arrangement in the window read. The old overhead Yong Kee sign was still up and therer was no new signage as of yet.

          Meanwhile, an old Chinese man on the street told me the new owners were the same people who own "the place around the corner on Stockton St where there's always a line" (which I took to mean Good Mong Kok).

          1. Bumping this up. I was at Wong Lee today and noticed that they sold fresh rice noodles (cut so it's sa ho fun) for $1/lb. I bought a big bag (5 lbs) for $5. Noodles are soft so that means they are fresh.

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              Thanks, i keep forgetting that it's reopened. Here's a rec for the dai bao.

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                I seen them making it in the morning. I used to stop by before work to get a bowl of congee and beef cheung fun.