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Wondering what some current recommended Chinatown spots are. We have enjoyed some Concordia area resto's from these boards (Cuisine Schezuan, Q.H. Dumplings) but this time I will be at a conference by Chinatown so looking for a quick walk with a group for dinner....so looking for variety including tofu options to please a crowd.

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      We like Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot a lot although a group might be seated more comfortably at Beijing. And there I'd tend to order chili & salt squid, hot and sour soup, eggplant with shrimp and black bean sauce, mapo tofu. I used to like Mon Nan a lot but the location on La Gauchetiere didn't seem as busy or good, still nice classic Cantonese dishes though. Pho Bang New York is quick and easy and always delicious.

    2. Well, if you search this board, you'll see everyone has their favorites in that area. No real standout in the area. I used to enjoy Beijing before I discovered Noodle Factory's dumplings (Noodle Factory is too small for a group, but Beijing has plenty of room). Maybe Ruby Rouge for Dim Sum.

      1. I like Niu Kee for sitchuan, and Keung Kee for cantonese.

        1. Like sweet says, everyone has their favs.
          I assume you're at a conference at the Palais de congres? If you head up St. Urbain from Viger, you'll hit sweet's Noodle Factory (very convenient). If you take a right on de la Gauchetierre (off St. Urbain), Beijing is 2 doors on your right (also convenient).
          Beijing (me likey) has various tofu and vegetarian dishes, as well as a wide variety of stuff. If you're a tofu lover, maybe ask for "Old Port Tofu" (it *might* be listed on the menu as japanese tofu, but I'm not sure). Not a strict vegetarian dish, its pieces of japanese tofu (scallop shaped) fried and tossed with a bit of ground pork and maybe some chili. Not a saucy dish, but its quite tasty.

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            Yes to the tofu! Been ordering it since they introduced it-so good with the slight crisp of the tofu outside and silky on the inside, the crunch of the green peppers and onions, the salt of the fermented black bean, the kick of the chili. PM tried to expropriate it; worked at first with the original owners, but since it changed hands, it's now a sad shade of itself.

          2. Ruby Rouge

            Noodle Factory

            I would strongly advise you to think twice about Niu Kee-- I've eaten there on three occasions with various groups. Those who truly enjoy authentic sizuchan dishes will love it; but, those among you who don't or whose stomachs are not built for the heat and spice combinations may find the food hard to... digest... if you know what I mean.

            1. The previously mentioned Keung Kee and Beijing are faves of mine, too, as is Amigo 168. Mai Xiang Yuan is good if dumplings are your thing. I also tried one on a whim that doesn't get alot mentions on this board, and like it quite a bit after several visits: Mon Nan, down at the east end of the pedestrian part of de la Gauchetiere. Not to be confused with Mon Shing, beside Beijing.

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                Do you know if they still have the Peking Duck dinner(soup, pancakes, stir fry)?

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                    I've had this with a group and it is fun and inexpensive.

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                  Speaking of Mon Shing, I ate here once and found the food wasn't bad, it just wasn't fully tasty. The place is always busy, so I tried it a few more times, thinking maybe it was just an off-night, but it was the same every time.
                  In passing, someone mentioned its busy because its a bit less expensive than elsewhere. I didn't really notice this, as my meals there were not memorable - its not as if I looked at the bill and said "Wow, this is really cheap".

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                    Exactly the same impression I got the one time I went to Mon Shing. Not bad, just bland.

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                    Speaking of Amigo 168...
                    If you find yourself here, you'd likely consider their specialty: salt&pepper (fried crisp) pork chops, since its advertised on the menu as well as on the wall.
                    However, I would suggest their whole fish 3 ways; they filet a fish (I only tried walleye) and prepare the meat 2 ways (we had it sauteed with vegetables and fried salt&pepper) and serve a third dish with the fish bones deep fried and crispy - you eat the bones. It was tasty and quite (for me) unique.

                  3. there's 1 or 2 places on de la Gauchetier east of St-Laurent. Had anyone been to these?

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                      We used to go to Tong Por which had a corner entrance on St. Dominique for dim sum all the time (don't know if its the same today). It was good, just happened to stop going.
                      Theres a real hole in the wall (don't remember name) on the south side of de la Gauch that I've been wanting to try for quite awhile.

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                        i've ewanted to go there for the last 15 yrs

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                          Tong Por closed and became Mon Nan. See Shattered's post up-thread.

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                            I think Tong Por was renamed Tong Sing & moved upstairs. It's above Mon Nan and owned by the same people.

                            porker, I know which hole-in-the-wall you mean. It's sandwiched between travel shops and whatnot on the east side no-one seems to go down. I've been wanting to try it, too.